Different Types of Fish Finders – Explained in detail

types of fish finder
Once upon a time, only rods and reels were used for fishing. But those days are long gone. Today fishing has gained immense popularity, and the use of fish finders is also on the rise.
Nowadays, technological advancement offers a wide array of fish finders. They include several technical features. Right?
If you are looking for an appropriate fish finder, you must develop an overall idea of the available types of fish finders. Therefore, here we bring you a complete overview of this topic in detail.
So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it:

What is a Fish Finder?

A fish finder is a fishing instrument. It is widely used for fishing both in commercial and sporting purposes. The fishing process is much more comfortable nowadays.
Credit goes to this electronic device. It is specifically designed to locate the existence of fish under the water. Besides, it also measures the depth of the water. But how does it actually work?
Let’s discuss in detail!

How Fish Finder Works?

A fish finder is manufactured depending on the SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) system. At the time of fishing, a transmitter is placed on the ship or boat while fishing. It is used to send signals in the waves.
When the signal encounters something, it is reflected. Then another signal is sent to the screen. The reflected waves display the size, shape, and composition of the objects.
You can understand whether there are fishes, rocks, corals, or anything else from the screen’s displayed image.
Thus, the SONAR system works in a fish finder to find fish underwater. It works by using the aspect of echoes.

Types of Fish Finders

Fishfinders can be categorized from several aspects. There are mainly three significant types of fish finders available. They are-
Let’s dig deeper into these three types of fish finders. Moreover, this will ensure you have a better understanding.

Regular 2D Fish Finder

The first one is a Regular 2D fish finder, which is already familiar to the anglers. This 2D device consists of either a black/white or a color display.
A usual 2D fish finder displays everything while fishing; rough texture, the hardness of the soil, the presence of fish, etc. You can identify fishes.
based on the swim bladder’s portrayal, usually in the form of dots or dashes. This type of fish finder combines both experience and robust electronics.

DownScan Fish Finder

This kind of fish finder presents a photorealistic view directly under the device. DownScan technology captures incredibly detailed information and portrays high-definition images.
Also, the higher frequency makes it possible to display everything underwater so vividly and reliably.
But the fact is it will provide you with a narrow detection area. The detection range is relatively small and not adjustable. Besides, you can view fishes only in good conditions of visibility.
DownScan fish finders are the cheaper fish finders. But you can get the best photorealistic image possible. Those images enormously help in recognizing the hotspot while fishing.

SideScan Fish Finder

SideScan fish finders are the most cost-effective. With this technology, you will get vivid imagery with excellent resolution.
Moreover, each side is incredibly photorealistic. The range starts from 1 meter to both the left and right sides. It lasts up to 30 meters.
SideScan is a revolutionary sonar technology to penetrate deep into the water. Besides, it gives an adjustable comprehensive coverage to the bottom.
SideScanning technology lets your sonar move from top to bottom instead of right to left, unlike the rest.
You can enjoy the impeccable display quality by choosing SideScan fish finders.
The above mentioned three significant types of fish finders also come in several forms with different distinctive features.

Types of Fish Finders According to Functions and Features

The following categories are made according to their functions and technical features.


As the name suggests, Standalone solely provides the view of underneath, nothing else while fishing. If you mainly fish in inland lakes, it is an economical choice for you.

GPS Combo:

Adding GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to your fish finder is exceptionally convenient. They are the best suit for medium-sized boats.
Most of the modern devices are equipped with GPS. It is a combination of both chart plotting and depth sounding. You may take advantage of either or both.


The manufacturers build Networked systems fish finders with all the necessary bells and whistles.
They also include radar, vector GPS charts, video, and SiriusXM satellite radio. Besides, they support a wide range of data sources.


It is also popular as a broadband version. CHIRP sonar comes with one of the most advanced technological systems. If you are still wondering how it works, go through the next paragraph.
CHIRP transducers transmit lengthier pulses, unlike a regular sonar. So, a different level of frequency is created under the water. That’s why it brings back images with much clarity and greater detail.


The above mentioned three significant types of fish finders also come in several forms with different distinctive features.This one is tailored for anyone who prefers a handy model. It is so easy to carry. You will get a unique portable pouch or case along with the display unit, transducer, mounts, and a rechargeable battery of 12v.
The latest portable fish finder version is known as castable. It can be controlled with your phone. You may use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when it floats in the water.
However, portable fish finders are quite convenient to use in comparison with the fixed ones.

Ice Fish Finder:

As a hardcore ice angler, you will enjoy each of its features. But it would be best if you got used to it. Then there is everything you can do with it.
In most cases, they use ice fishing flashers to figure out the exact location of fish. They display the precise graph of the happenings below.
Portability, durability, weight frequency, etc. are the factors to consider while choosing an ice fish finder or kayak fish finders.

Popular Brands of Fish Finders

If you are a novice or professional, don’t go for cheap non branded fish finders. There is a wide array of manufacturers who produce quality products. Moreover, the price range is affordable too.
Garmin, Lowrance, Humminbird, Raymarine, and Furuno are some of the best-known brands for fish finders. These established brands always offer the latest updates.
You can also avail of pretty good after-sales support and service options. So, don’t decide hastily. Do your research on diverse types of fish finders. Finally, decide which one would be the most effective for you.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, a fish finder is an indispensable fishing accessory, and you cannot help choosing it. Fish finders enable you to make every second of your time enjoyable while fishing.
Also, it ensures a wide range of productivity. It would help if you chose wisely from the different types of fish finders.
Try to figure out the most compelling features as each model has its amenities and drawbacks. So, research thoroughly before investing money in this handy device! .
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