Trolling Motor Thrust Guide: Know Before You Buy A Thrust Motor

Trolling Motor Thrust Guide
The most smooth and fluid way to make your boat journey comfortable and easy is to install a motor on your boat. It can always help you to make your boat journey as comfortable as possible. Motors can be mounted on different kinds of boats, and they are not very difficult to operate. But some things need to be considered before buying a motor for your boat. Those things help you decide which one would be the best motor for your boat and will get your job done. This writeup is intended for those who want to install trolling motor on their boat. This is a trolling motor thrust guide for you guys.
First, let us try to know a little bit about what trolling motors are. It is a unit which includes an electric motor, propeller, and controls and it is fixed to the boat. This is usually used when the boat’s engine is not in operation or if the boat doesn’t require an engine, but one can operate the boat with just a motor. It is not used on those boats which are used for massive operations. If you are someone who has a boat and you use it for recreational purpose or to catch fish occasionally, this kind of trolling motor would be the best fit for your boat.
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One of the key points that you need to consider is the thrust of the motor. Different kinds of boats require different kinds of thrust so that it can move nicely and with a decent speed. Thrust is mainly measured in pounds. It is the standard measure of how much power the motor has. If your boat is large and heavy, you will need a motor with high thrust. On the other hand, lightweight boats don’t require motors with high thrust. If someone installs it, it might do more harm than good. One always needs to consider the factors for choosing the motor with right thrust for their boat. Also, a heavy boat with a low thrust motor will not do any good. It would cause problems as it would be unable to provide a decent speed to the boat because of its low power.

The weight of the boat:

Boat weight is a significant thing to be taken into account when you are searching for trolling motors. It is very easy to get puzzled by the options of thrust motors in the market if you don’t know anything about how to relate these two things (boat weight and thrust motors). To get the idea of how to buy the motor, you can follow a simple rule. For every 100lbs of boat weight, one needs to have at least 2lbs thrust.
When you are in the market for the motor, remember the rule, and you are good to go. But don’t just calculate only based on boat weight. When a boat runs in the water, there are a lot of things that are present in the boat. Be it different accessories or fishes or even passengers. Everything needs to be calculated to get the perfect speed in your boat. And to find out how much your boat weighs when it is empty, look up in the specification guide of the boat or search for NADA boat directory on the internet. There, you can find the boat weight and different other information about almost all the boats of popular companies.

Size of Boat:

The weight of the boat plays a significant role, but the power requirement is not only confined to that. You need to take care of other things too like the size of the boat.
If you have a big boat, you need more power. Even if your boat is large with less weight, remember that it would face more wind obstruction. It would face difficulty to cross waves and other problems. A more powerful motor can go on a long way to solve the problem.

Fishing Conditions and style:

Fishing Conditions and style
We do know that not all people use the boat for the same reason. Different people use it for different needs. Some people might need for recreation, some people might need it for traveling, and some people might even need it for fishing. This point is only for those who do fishing using their boat.
Your fishing condition can impact the type of motor you need. If you fish on water bodies that have no current, you need the thrust power your boat weight requires. But if you fish in places where there is current and water moves very fast, or there are waves, you need to buy a motor with more thrust power. Stepping up the requirement by few lbs would get the job done.
There is another thing you should consider. Since you will be in the water, you should carefully look at your fishing style. If you stay in the water for a few days, you need to buy a motor with a heavy battery. Usually, people buy motors with single batteries as they come back soon and can recharge. But these kinds of situations would require two batteries or a single battery with more power. Buy those that would suffice your requirement. The shopkeepers or online shopping sites would give you an idea regarding how long it can run when you go to buy thrust motor for your boat.

Shaft Length:

It is another important thing that needs to be remembered. The shaft length of the motor is significant. If the motor shaft is not of current length, it would be unable to provide the acceleration the boat needs.

The required shaft length can be easily measured. At first, you need to measure the distance between the horizontal mount area on top of the bow of the boat and the waterline. After correctly measuring that, you need to add 20 inches to that length. The sum will be the required shaft length of the motor. If you go to water bodies with a lot of water, you have to face current, waves, etc. Then it is better to add five more inches to that value and then buy the motor.

Final Words:

Through this article, we have tried to tell you what are the things that you need to consider when you want to buy a new thrust motor for your boat. We hope that this article can serve the purpose of being a trolling motor thrust guide for you. If you consider all these facts, you would have a basic idea about how to calculate the power you need or what should be the length of the motor or which situation requires what kind of motor.

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