Salmon Fishing Tips | 10 Proven Tips And Tricks To Catch Salmon Like A Pro

salmon fishing tips
Salmon fishing is a test of patience, but it can be really fun when you master the art of catching this fish. At times, this fish can become finicky, and this is where you will need to get creative. In this article, I will be going over the top 10 proven salmon fishing tips that will help you catch a lot of salmon this

10 Proven Salmon Fishing Tips And Tricks To Catch Salmon Like A Pro

Top 1: Run Timing

Tip number one for salmon fishing is run timing. Figuring out when and where the fish are in the rivers that you want to fish in is very important.
Timing the fish when they’re coming in, doing your research, and putting in time on the water, going up and down in the river systems is really going to increase your odds of finding fish.

Tip 2: Being Well Equipped

Tip number two is having the right gear. Going to the river well-equipped is always going to set you above the rest.
Whether it be from a 2-ounce bobber set up to all the way down to your spinner size up to four or five or even six sometimes, it all plays a very vital role in getting in front of these fish and giving yourself an opportunity.

Tip 3: Having Different Bait

So, tip number three is bait. Bait is very important when it comes to catching any kind of salmon. So, messing with different bait types, coming up with different batches and different scents that you want to use is very helpful in catching these very finicky at times fish.
So, messing with different colors of eggs of different styles and scents and different oils all really help in turning on a bite.
You can try Pro-Cure bait scents. You know, those professional-grade extra strength baits with UV flash. Those are really good at catching salmon. You can also use Pro-Cure shrimp and krill oil. The combination of shrimp oil and real krill oil helps you catch more fish.
You can also try millennial coons. Using different things other than the typical sand shrimp or anything like that and putting coon shrimp or prawn on your line might work wonders.

Tips 4: Trying Out Different Scents

Getting a very oily scent will help these fish turn on. Having something else, especially when you are fishing around with other people that diversifies your bait and makes it smell different than the world around it; it’s always going to catch more fish. That’s why these scents are very vital. I never leave home without them.

Tip 5: Try New Things

Tip number five is trying new things. For example, taking something like plugs or twitching jigs or any kind of weird flashing spinner to your salmon holes and throwing them in before you leave the hole is going to really increase your odds of catching.
There are so many times that we come down the river and fish the old-school, old-fashioned way, and we forget about all the different ways we can catch these fish.
So, taking different strategies, taking a different approach, casting in a different direction before you leave these holes is always going to up your game.

Tip 6: Following The Basics

Always follow the basic rule of salmon fishing. Try to be comfortable with your casts. Make sure you have a proper casting rod and reel.
Once you are comfortable with these casts, then you can get a single spear or a circle spear or a double spear across a stream. You want to let the current take the fly around.
You don’t want to force the bait to move around too much. Try to keep it as natural as possible and let the flow of the current guide you. This will mimic the natural movement of live bait.
If the river or creek has a good flow, you don’t have to do anything else. You can basically cast it with an angle, drop the rod and let the current swing the fly around.

Tip 7: Keep The Reel Moving

In some cases, you would want to keep the reel moving. By reel, I mean the line. Once your bait is coming around out the faster water and into the slack, you just want to keep it moving. You can give a couple of big, long pulls or figure of eight slowly or mix it up.
Just make sure to keep that fly moving once it’s into that slack of water. If the place you are fishing has a limited current, you might want to increase the movement. Whatever you do, you need to keep the movement going.

Tip 8: Know The Characteristics Of The Fish

A lot of the time, that salmon will follow a fly around, and it will just stop moving once it sees the fly. It will just drop and stop moving in the slight current with interest. But if you keep moving the fly, you can induce the fish to take the bite.
The other thing you can do is just pulse the rod back and forward, and that fly will just pulse back and forward in the current.

Tip 9: Take A Couple Of Steps

After each cast, you might want to take a couple of steps and cover the creak methodically all the way down, and when it works, it is a piece of cake.

Tip 10: Last Piece Of Advice

Finally, all I can say is that it is a game of patience. Try to get the fly in the right area in the current and swing around, and the salmon will bite eventually.


Most of the time, it will feel like you are pulling teeth, but when it works, it’s great fun. And that’s all there is to it. Keep on casting and, make sure to follow these salmon fishing tips if you want to land a fish or a lot of fish successfully.

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