When you’re out in the deep blues looking to do some fishing or just exploring the infinite serenity, the equipment of your boat becomes a very serious issue. There is a variety of equipment that altogether constitutes a trolling motor boat.

However, the most important one is probably the trolling motor of the boat. After all, the trolling motor is the driving force of your vehicle. And that’s why here’s today’s minn kota endura c2 30 review.

There is a lot of trolling motors from a lot of brands. But when it comes down to choose the King of them all, undoubtedly Minn Kota makes the best ones. Minn Kota is a giant in the world of angling boats. They can be called as the apple or Tesla in their respective sector.

There is a variety of trolling motors to choose from too from Minn Kota. The Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor with a 30 inches shaft is the best of the line.

Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

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Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Specifications:

  • It has a 30-inch long shaft. This is the perfect length to maintain the propeller submergence in varying water conditions.
  • It is packed with a thrust level of 30 lbs.
  • It is a 12-volt fresh water transom mounted motor.
  • It has a 6-inch telescopic handle and twist tiller for ergonomic design, speed control and easy steering.
  • It has a lever lock bracket that offers a rock solid mount.
  • The battery is very calm and quiet and as a result, doesn’t spook away the fish.
  • The motor has five forward speed and three reverse speed for greater control.
  • The shaft is of indestructible composition with a lifetime warranty.
  • The battery itself has a warranty of 2 years.
  • The product measurement specifications are also very attractive with an attractive 42.4 x 5.4 x 16.2 inches.
  • It weighs only 16.7 pounds.

These features are what makes the Minn Kota a great value for money. And that’s why we’re here with today’s minn kota endura c2 30 review.


  • The first advantage of using this motor is the length of the shaft. It has a shaft of 30 inches which is made up of the indestructible composite. The length of the shaft is very important for a boat. The shaft has to be long enough so that the propeller is submerged under the water at all variable conditions. However, the shaft can’t be too long as to hit the bottom of the water body because then the boat may get stuck underneath the sand and soil.
  • This motor has a telescopic handle of 6 inches. Using it is very easy and comfortable. Its ergonomic design provides a very comfortable grip around it. It is on the handle where the cruise control of the boat lies as you will have to steer your boat using this handle. The on and off button is also here and makes it very easy to turn the motor on and off on the go whenever necessary while fishing. Sometimes, it becomes very necessary to create absolute silence while fishing so as not to create any noise to scare them off. And for that, turning the motor off is very necessary at times. And this ergonomic handle with all the control functions on it provides exactly that facility. The smooth and well-constructed handle also makes it very easy to steer the boat in any direction. The handle feels easy and fluid to turn and deserves a 5 star for performance and feel.
  • For greater speed control, there are five available forward speeds and three reverse speeds. This means that now, you decide how fast you want to travel. If you’re out on the water just for a day of relaxation and slow roaming, you can take it slow. If you’re in the middle of the water and require a fast comeback, you can also do that with this feature. If you’re stuck in a small creek and cannot budge out of a corner, you can use the reverse gear to turn back without having actually to jump into the water and doing it manually. This means that with this five forward speed and three reverse speed feature and the telescopic handle, you can call this motor the 360-degree motor.
  • The bracket is made up of such tough reinforced material that is designed to resist UV damage, warping and flexing. The bracket also offers a ten position quick and easy adjustment. It also has a quick release lever lock.
  • The most amazing wow factor about the motor is its shaft. The product comes with a lifetime warranty on the shaft. YES!! LIFETIME WARRANTY!! The shaft is basically indestructible and that’s why the company is so confident about this warranty. This shaft can be called as adamantium if you are an X-Men fan.
  • The company also offers a 2-year warranty on the motor itself which ensures you of a guaranteed free two years service if by chance anything happened to the machine.
  • It has a power prop at the bottom which means that you can push through silos or any sort of vegetation underneath the water.
  • It uses a unique bearing system and a very efficient and quiet battery which helps you to keep the fish not alerted while catching them.
  • The lifespan of the motor is increased as the large commutators and windings dissipate the heat produced and cools it down.


  • This motor is intended for freshwater use only. It puts the motor on the transom and not the bow. So, if you’re planning on using the boat for a water body other than fresh water, you should look for other options.
  • The price is a bit high for budget anglers. However, at this price, the specifications of this motor make it the bang for the buck.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Kind of a trolling motor should I buy?

This depends totally on your intended usage and budget. If you’re going to go on freshwater, this product is the best. However, if you’re traveling through some other water type, it’s best to look for other options.

2. Lookout points when buying a trolling motor:

Look for a good shaft with an appropriate shaft length that suits your needs. Test if the motor is quiet if you’re an angler and finally, conduct prior research on the lifespan of the motor.


We hope this minn kota endura c2 30 review helps you gain a bit more information about this motor before you buy it. Our expert team of researchers interacted with the consumers of this product to find out their personal firsthand experience regarding the product. And with those survey information, we tried to provide you with the best, unbiased review possible.

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