How to Put Fishing Line on a Baitcasting Reel

How to Put Fishing Line on a Baitcasting Reel
Whoever dealt with fishing line and baitcasting reel even once in life agrees that it’s disturbing.
Baitcasting reels are acknowledged as an asset in the fishing season. Consequently, it’s a prevalent query that how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel?
Baitcasting reels are in close relationship with general spinning reels. But they are not that ordinary to cast like spinning reels.
We are assuming you don’t know how to spool spinning reel at all, which makes you an absolute newbie in the region of fishing.
Here we have discussed some practical tips and a thorough guide about how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel. So, let’s have a look:

Grab These Before Starting

Before starting the actual process of spooling fishing line, there must be some equipment accessible around you. You need a baitcasting reel, to begin with. But the other tools are crucial too for doing it.
It is even better if you have someone to help you out in spooling. Then the job will be even more candid for you to pull it off. However, with the help of these tools, you will know how to spool a baitcasting reel.

How to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel? – A Through Guide

At the very beginning, let us clear a basic fact of perfect spooling. And that is maintaining ample tension while reeling. For any reason, if the fishing line’s pressure got reduced, it may cause some predicaments.
Now, let’s move on to some straightforward steps. The following actions underneath require your full attention to executing the process sleekly.


Clear the Spool, Load the Line

Make sure the older line is entirely removed from the baitcasting reel. Unless it can make a blend with the new fishing line.
Check the surface of the reels is clean or not. The fishing line has to be placed on the spool precisely.
But don’t ever dispose of the older fishing line into the water. It is such an abhorring thing to pollute water, which eventually creates risk for aquatic life. You don’t want to be that guy, will you?


Line Through the Rod Loops

Be careful about threading the fishing line because frequently, people miss rod loop in between. As the fishing rod is considerably thin at the end side, it is easy to miss the rod loop. Hence, spooling a fishing line won’t be possible.
You should agree, staring the process from the inception will be more stressful than pulling the fishing line through each rod loop in the first place.


Loop the Fishing Line Around

In this whole method of ‘How to spool baitcaster,’ this step is the most intricate section, probably. At initial, loop the edge of the fishing line towards the spool. You need to tie a knot, which is convenient, hitherto stable.
The knot is commonly known as the ARBOR knot. To make a perfect knot, you need to wind the fishing line towards the reel. Then tie an overhand knot. After that, tie another overhand knot with the tag point of the first one.
Now, pull the end of the fishing line. You can see both knots will jam together. Make sure you have solidified the arbor knot correctly to create the friction. Only after that, the spooling can be begun.


Must Maintain the Tension

Remember, we told you about maintaining the tension? Here you have to pinch the line for assuring proper pressure. After tying the knot, as you start reeling, the fishing line will loop around it.
At this position, a helping hand like your friend or family can assist you by the pliers to sustain the fishing line’s sufficient tension. Otherwise, you may experience irregular cast when you try to throw the lure in the wind.


Respool The Baitcaster

The fishing line should shroud around the baitcasting reel equally. Take a close look while getting the idea about it.
When the amount of tension is evenly distributed on the whole thread, the reel can act without creating any fuss.
You can apply your thumb and index finger to do the reeling. Don’t lose your focus from the reel. By adding light tension with both of your fingers keep spooling.


Attach a Hook

As you have done reeling, don’t get relaxed already. The purpose of the spool fishing line is to make the rod prepare for the ultimate duty. Fishing.
Attach a lure or hook at the end of the line. Unlike tying an arbor knot around the reel, it is quite mere. If you are done with tying a hook, then the rod is almost ready to go.

Wait! Almost? Yes

Here enters the last step of the process.


Test the Fishing Rod

Have some extra length of the line by the end of the tip. Before going fishing, won’t you give it a check?
It’s the testing step to check whether the reel is working fine with the new strings. Go to an open space and fake throwing the lure in the wind.
You may seem stupid to others but believe us, its lot simpler to fix your residence problems than in a floating boat.
If you have paid your full attention to the guide, it’s not that hard to master. Nevertheless, you can still go to the professionals to learn about these kinds of stuff. But if you can do it on your own at home, then why spending money? Right?

Try Out These Tips

There aren’t any alternatives exist than proper line management to enjoy the fishing delightfully. The mainline procedure of spooling the reel has already described thoroughly.
So, if your question was about how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel, you should get the answer by now.
Here, let us allow you to share some advice to save you from a few issues that you might have with the fishing line and baitcasting tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know sometimes our questions never get an end. Yet dealing with those to resolve confusion is essential. See, if you have some of these in your mind.
  • How much fishing lines should I put on?

It is nearly impossible to find out the perfect length. Let’s face this first. Though, most of the reels stated the required amount of fishing line that they can bear. Because if you go beyond the limit, then the reel may not be able to hold.

  • If I have a loose reel, then what to do?

Solving this problem demands proper tension. If you observe the reel near to the surface, you should fix it by pulling. Otherwise, we are afraid you have to unwind the whole fishing line and spool it with sufficient tension.

  • How to use a baitcaster?

There is three fundamental part of using a baitcasting reel. After breaking down each step, it would look like something this.

In the beginning, the cast is all about launching the bait from the rod. After thrusting the bait, it starts travelling through the open air. Then by using the braking system, you can restrict the diameter of the line.

The bait touches the water and begins to sink. It is all about the experience to cast a successful bait.

  • How to prevent the line from slipping?

Braided lines are smoother than other lines because of less friction; its more likely to slip. You can solve the problem by backing the line with Mono lines. Use this line about a couple of feet long when the reeling is started.

Feasibly, the problem of slippering won’t be an issue anymore.


If you are still wondering how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel, then consider again reading the post from the beginning.
Spooling a baitcaster is not that complicated task. It entails a little time and practice to do it accurately.
Nevertheless, if you have money, a spooling station can solve your problem without anybody’s help.
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