How To Make A Fishing Rod In The Wild

How To Make A Fishing Rod In The Wild
Survival in the wild has become the new challenge game nowadays. We have advanced so much in technological sectors that people are now trying to learn how primitive people used to live. Because the ultimate adverse effects of global warming can hit our mother earth, starting anytime soon
fishing rod
Food is one of the utmost needs of humans, and fishes are the most natural source of food in the wild if compared to wild animals. So, until you know how to make a fishing rod in the wild, it is going to be a hectic job for you even to catch a small fish. Fishes are the easiest to find if you have the right kind of fishing rod at the right time with you.
Here come the next paras where I will try to explain some necessary steps in making a fishing rod. Now fishing rod can be made of branches or bamboos, but the availability of them is also an essential factor. So, after being adaptive to the environmental advantages, you need to make the fishing rod accordingly.

The Basic Steps

Fishing rod using a tree branch is the best possible way you can find in the wilds. Because some forests might not have bamboo trees, but it will surely have a tree! Making a fishing rod might be easy, but making it in the right way is more critical for you. So, what do you say, want to do some fishing in the wild? Then, the following steps are going to help you in learning how to make a fishing rod in the wild.

Step #1

First, find a branch of 6 to 7 inches long in a living tree. Break it out from the tree, and make sure it has a diameter of your thumb at the broad end. After you break off the branch from the tree, again, break it off into the length you want your fishing rod to be. You can do it by supporting its one end with the tree trunk or just by burying it in the ground and breaking it off.

Step #2

Now also cut off the shoots protruding from it up to the end. You can use your pocket knife to cut them or carefully break them off. Also, try to break off the tip portion of the branch so that when you go fishing, this soft part does not break off easily and ruin your hard work.

Step #3

You can use a sewing thread as the string of the rod. A sturdy string will be monofilament or so-called nylon fishing line. But, these might not be available to you in the wild. So, look for vines around bushes or trees. Make sure the vines you choose to have as your string for the rod are green, or else it won’t work.

Step #4

A surgeon’s knot is what you need now. Taking both ends of a rope, making a loop, and putting the ends in the loop to make a knot is what the surgeon’s knot is. Do this with your vine. You will need a vine of at least 10 to 15 feet. Make it double by shortening the length for more strength and then do the knot. Before doing all these, softly pull off the small shoots from the vine by holding within your hand grip.

Step #5

Tie the string to the mid-length of your fishing rod. Then wrap it up to the tip by swirling around the rod 4 or 5 times. It is to ensure that, even if the end breaks off, you can pull up the fish by pulling the vine-string.
Now find a V-shaped green piece of stick and make a hook using your pocket knife. Please attach it to the end of your fishing rod. Also, carve a groove at one end of the hook to have a good knot with the vine. A simple overhand knot would suffice.

Step #6

Last but not least, find worms under moss-covered rocks or dig in moist ground. It will be your bait, or you can also use crickets, whichever you find nearby. Now, finding food depends on how well you know, fishing. And that is another chapter which you need to know for survival in the wild.

The Fishing Hook

The fishing rod is ready, but without a nicely made hook, fishing might not come around successfully. Hooks can be made in several ways, creating a V-shape at one end or both ends, curving like a metal hook or customizing on your own. But the easiest way is to take a twig twice the length of your pointer finger.

Then scrape it nicely and go on shaping. Make it a length, slightly longer than your little finger. After that, make a groove in the middle and tie the string around it with a good knot. Do not forget to make both the ends sharp. Lastly, cover the ends with bait, and you are good to go.


Fishing is not only a method of survival but also a fun activity. Fishing rods have hundreds and hundreds of varieties in the markets. It begins from wood to fiber wood, strings made of natural material to monofilament fishing line, and many more types.
All of these become worthless if you are in a place, where the road is of hard mud, only trees around and source of food is from the natural habitats. So, when you know how to make a fishing rod in the wild, it becomes a lot easier for you to survive there.
Every forest or jungle does not have edible fruits everywhere. Sometimes it is quite tough to find those. So, you only need to find the source of a water body.
Go near the lake or riverside, have your fishing rod ready and enjoy your meal as you catch one or more. You will surely agree with me that who doesn’t like fish fry as food in a jungle, after all, it is a delicacy even at restaurants.

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