How to Fix a Shakespeare Fishing Reel? – Instructions & Guidelines

How to Fix a Shakespeare Fishing Reel
Shakespeare fishing reels are popular among both newbies and experienced fishers however it has some tiny defects. Therefore, we guide you on how to fix a Shakespeare fishing reel for a flawless fishing experience.
Further, apart from consisting some small issues, Shakespeare fishing reels are very reliable, and convenient for all types of fishing. That is why people knowing the additional problems of this fishing reel prefer to use it more in general.
Regarding the fact, we’ll help you acknowledge its minor issues and how you can easily fix your Shakespeare fishing reel. So, let’s go ahead and find out the simple ways to repair your fishing reel by yourself. Lastly, enjoy the amazing fishing experience with your perfected Shakespeare reel.

How Can You Fix a Shakespeare Fishing Reel? – Easy Methods

As you already know that all the defects you will find in your fishing reel are quite common and simple to fix. Thereby, just by figuring out the fault in your fishing reel, you will be able to repair it smoothly.
Moreover, you only need to look through the small moving parts, and you’ll surely find the defect. Since the maximum occurrence of the issues are only less tight or misaligned small parts being problematic. Afterward, you can simply tighten or assemble the moving parts in order with easy steps to fix it.
Therefore, you should always inspect all of your fishing gears especially fishing reels to prevent any troublesome accidents. Regarding the fact, you also don’t want to end up experiencing bad moments while fishing. So, let’s prepare ourselves by learning to find out the issues of fishing reels.

Check The Fishing Reel Type & Model

Before you jump into searching for the issues in your reels, the first thing you need to do is identify the type and model of it. Well, you can easily find it out by check at the design or print model embedded in it.
Therefore, it will help you choose the appropriate tools you will require for a particular fix. Also, you will easily know what manual approach is essential for the individual fishing reel.
Regarding that, Shakespeare fishing reels consist of two categories: Trolling or Fly Reels, BaitCast Reels, and also subtypes of the two.

Fly or Trolling Reels

Fly reels are perfect for freshwater comfortable fishing and it contains more than three subtypes.
  • Spinning Fishing Reels – If you’re a noob fisher looking for efficient fishing reels, then this simple inshore fishing subtype is precise for you. Also, it provides a long line capacity.
  • Spin Cast Reels – As a beginner this easy thumb processing, the simple functional fishing reel will help you catch fish smoothly. Therefore, the standard design of this subtype offers amazing user-ability for catching any size fishes.
  • Fly Fishing Reels – This one is named after flying fish, which means it’s specialized to catch the fast swimmer, hefty, big fishes more accurately. So, go for these reels if you’re wanting to get your hands on the fly fishes.

Bait Casting Fishing Reels

For a professional fisher or experienced enthusiast fisher, you’ll prefer a baitcast fishing reel for better control and accurate catches. Therefore, with your skill to calculate the angle, velocity, depth, and so on, you’ll be able to precisely catch fishes on spot.

Find Out The Reel Parts with Defects

Lastly, after you identified the model of the reel, now try to locate the small parts that seem loose or a bit out of place. Well, it’s not much hard if you attentively check on every part of the reel you’ll find the issue out in no time.

Guidelines to Fix a Shakespeare Fishing Reel – Thorough Steps

Well, figuring it out is easy but you also should know the name of the specific parts and their placement. Therefore, check out the manufacturing manual with the reels to understand better. If you’re clear about it all, then head to the next step.

Equipment Necessary for Fixing a Fishing Reel

Well, you cannot just openhandedly tear out the parts, and so you will need tools for detaching or assembling the reel.
  • Small Screwdriver ( Assorted)
  • Small Wrenches (Assorted)
  • Thread locking Tool
  • Towel cloths
  • Machine lubricate lotion or oil
  • Camera (to record a video of the disassembling task)
  • Tapes for masking

Disassemble the Parts of Fishing Reel

Once you find out the parts that are off and require fixing, you need to open up the reel parts apart. Therefore, be careful not to harm that tiny component like reel spools, reel wraps. Also, you should take a video of the process to remember the parts placement to avoid making mistakes while assembling the reel.
  • Use the take to mask the reel spool.
  • Place the towel cloth and put the reel on it, also wipe the grease from each part while detaching with Threadlocker.
  • Put the parts, and screws on another clean fabric in sequence so you don’t lose them.
  • Now, follow the manual diagram and to see if something’s missing or off or not.

Reattach the Parts of Reel in a Proper Order

  • Now, to reassemble check the video you took while taking apart the reel components and follow the process in reverse.
  • Utilize the Threadlocker to tighten all the screws and bolts so the placement becomes proper.
  • While attaching each part, apply some machine lotion or oils for a smooth operating process.
  • Now, attach the whole reel with the fishing pole or rod. Then go out for a soothing fishing hangout.


There we already provide a simple yet quick solution on how to fix a Shakespeare fishing reel. Thereby, the issues with this fishing reel are not at all complex and you can easily repair it by yourself.
Moreover, let us share other information about the fishing reel. That is you’ll never get any troubles with your reel if you clean the reel constantly. As you know if the parts, gears, or bearing contains more grease or dirt the reel starts to malfunction. So, be sure to do some maintenance tasks for your fishing tools frequently.

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