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how to fix a fishing reel
One essential equipment that you need with your fishing rod is a fishing reel when you go fishing. But often, you may face the slightest problem in your fishing reel while you are fishing.
During those times, finding someone else who can fix it can be troublesome. To help you resolve your reel by yourself, this article is all about how to fix a fishing reel.
During fishing, your fishing reel can show different performance problems. We are going to give a solution to fix each of those now. Let’s begin!

Fishing reel's line twist

When you want to know how to fix a fishing reel, its essential to know where the exact problem is. During reel-in and casting with your spinning reel fishing, sometimes the lure can spin in the water.
This can cause the line twist in your reel. Without fixing it, you won’t be able to use the fishing reel again. Line twist is a widespread problem that many of the fishermen face.

Easy fix for line twist:

You have to remove the old line from the reel. Because the twisted line will be of no use to you anymore.
After removing the old jagged line, you have to insert a new line in the reel using a professional machine.

Hard cutting edge:

You won’t get longevity if the cutting edges are not as hard as the synthetic fibers of the line will wear it down pretty quickly.

Fishing reel's bail spring problem

This problem is an internal mechanical failure of the spinning reel. You may face this problem if you are using one reel for a long time.
In this case, the bail doesn’t open with the return spring. But you can face this problem is because of two different reasons.
Well, this problem can occur either because of the bail wire or the bail spring. So you have to notice where the actual problem is.

Easy fix for bail spring:

Bail springs are very reasonable in price, so you can easily replace it. But often, it’s not replaceable without expert help. So, you can seek a reel repair expert to replace the damaged bail spring of your fishing reel.

Paw damage in baitcaster reel

Baitcaster reel can show a problem in the worm gear assembly if any dirt gets into it. As a result, it might get locked up. Because of this problem, a bumpy ride of the paw can happen.

Easy fix for paw damage:

The only choice you have in this case is to replace it. Otherwise, to prevent this from happening, you have to take proper maintenance of the paw.

Bearing problems

An old bearing can show problems in your fishing reel. Mostly, dirt and dust piles inside the bearing and ruins it.
You can’t perform with it okay if the bearing gets damaged. A right approach is needed to have an effortless performance of fishing.

Easy fix for bearing problems:

Bearings cost so less and are easy to replace. But if you want to use your existing one, you have to remove it and clean it.
To clean the old bearings, you can soak it inside alcohol. You can also use a metal cleaner to clean your old one.


Here is another most common problem that you may find during fishing with your reel. The reason for this problem is not cleaning up the reel after using it.
If you can keep your reel dry, there will be no corrosion affecting it. Saltwater or any kind of other induces the possibility of breakdown. Moreover, water and dirt altogether can cause decay even to new reels.

Easy fix for corrosion:

If the decay is extreme, you have to replace the reel. Otherwise, you can clean it using a toothbrush.
To prevent this from happening, you have to wash and dry it after every usage. Prevention is a better way to avoid corrosion than fixing.

Fishing reel lock problems

Frequently you may face this problem that your fishing reel is not getting locked. Broken Spool or Bail Wire is mainly responsible for this problem.
If it is broken, then you will fail to lock the fishing reel. Without locking your fishing reel, you won’t be able to work. This problem can cause some severe issues afterwards.

Easy fix for lock problems:

At first, you have to lose the bail wire’s screw. After removing it, check if there is any damage or not. Wherever the damage is, you have to replace that part.
If you find no problems in the bail wire, look for issues in the line roller. If you can find any problem in the roller, you have to replace that tricky part.
If you see that both of the line roller and bail wire is okay, then check the springs. Afterward, replace the damaged part with a new position and re-arrange every aspect like before.

Drag system issue

Your fishing reel may show some problems if it has damaged in the drag system. You can’t pull up a fish if your reel’s dram system doesn’t work correctly.
Well, it is a crucial part that needs to be fixed almost immediately to avoid your time waste. You will fail to pull the rope freely if the reel has this issue.

Easy fix for drag system issue:

Finding where the problem is can be quite troublesome. But if you can find the correct place, then solving it is easy. Check the setting to find the problematic area.
Mostly, the low setting causes drag system issues. You have to change the settings if you find any abnormality.


Now that you have read this article, you have a broad idea of how to fix a fishing reel. You are now prepared for any trouble, and you can fix it on your own.
We have tried to bring up every possible problem for you. Yet if you face any other confusion and concern, it’s better to seek help from reel repairing experts in your area!

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