How to charge trolling motor battery?

How to charge trolling motor battery

Marine batteries power all modern boats. They are also known as deep trolling batteries. They are heavyweight and provide power for all of the features and functions of the boat. Trolling motor batteries last longer and charge faster than any other regular battery.

However, the longevity of trolling moto batteries depends on the quality of their maintenance. Charging them is a part of their essential maintenance. This article covers information on how to charge trolling motor battery.

While it is not a difficult task before we move on it, let’s discuss the types of trolling moto batteries.

Types of trolling motor battery:

1) AGM Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

These batteries can be charged very quickly on or offshore using solar panels. They charge up very quickly. However, overcharging them can severely damage them, so you must be wary of this.

2) Sealed Gel Batteries

Seal Gel Batteries use acid and are very easy to charge up. They contain thickening agents to prevent any leakage.

When the cells of these batteries fade out, they are always quite challenging to refill; therefore, it is crucial not to overcharge or undercharge them and reduce their longevity.

3) Flooded cell

This is the most popular type of battery available on the market. Besides being the most popular, it is also the easiest to charge. A negative plate is used for this process. The negative plate delivers an electrical charge to the battery’s cells. The risk with this battery is acid spills, which can burn the skin or eyes badly. Caution is required when charging these batteries.

How to charge trolling motor battery?

Now that you have a rudimentary idea of the types of batteries available on the market. let us discuss the different processes on how to charge a trolling motor boat. There are multiple ways you can do this, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Charging Trolling Motor Battery with Solar

A trolling battery can be very quickly charged using a solar panel and some other equipment. 

Position the solar panel correctly on the boat. A higher position is better; in this way, you can catch more sunlight. A boost converter can be used to convert low voltage. If you are charging more than one battery at once, a relay circuit is handy.

Solar-powered charging can be very unreliable at times.

2. Charging trolling motor battery using portable chargers

A portable charger another convenient way in which you can charge a deep cycle battery. They are relatively lightweight and can be carried easily onto and off the boat. When the portable charger is attached to the battery, it completes the charging cycle, and then when the battery has been fully charged, it is disconnected again. There are a few models of portable chargers available that are very durable and last a significant amount of time. The mobile charger charges the battery faster than solar panels do in most cases.

Before you plan on buying a portable trolling motor battery charger, you must know the answer to the following questions –

What is my battery type?

Consider your battery chemistry- from the three types mentioned above- whether it is AGM, flooded, or gel. You can effectively use the same charge for all these types of batteries except for the gel battery.

What is the amp of my battery?

This is a fundamental question because battery size varies according to its amp. For example, if your battery is 60 amps hour, you can get a charger of 10 amps. The amp of the charger and the battery will affect the rate at which the battery charges and goes a long way in de how long the battery will last.​

3. Charging Trolling Motor Battery on the Water

There are three variations of Marine battery chargers-

Each works very well and charges a battery rather quickly. The precision models can be used to charge all types of batteries. Therefore, you must select the battery type first. Then you choose your type of chargers.

Trolling motor batteries respond in a different way of charging. When the boat is offshore, the trolling motor battery can be charged using traditional chargers.

These “traditional” chargers are designed to control the speed at which the batteries charge, hence making it very easy to charge while the boat is on the water.

The problem with AGM motor chargers is that they can charge very quickly on the water. Quick charging means a tendency to destroy the cells, which in turn damages the plates along with the separators. Therefore, low ampere chargers are recommended for situations like this.


In conclusion, the answer to the question – how to charge trolling motor battery- has a rather simple solution. This is because the process itself is rather easy. Read through this article again, and settle on a good quality form of charger that best suits the battery you own.

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