How Many Yards of Fishing Line Do I Need

How Many Yards of Fishing Line Do I Need really? Fishing Tips for 2022

Fishing is super, fun-especially if you’re planning to go fishing to loosen up all the week’s hustle and bustle.

Or perhaps you take fishing more seriously?

Whichever you do, you must have the best tool combo for the job. You can easily buy them from any relevant stores.

But you might get stuck with a question while buying the fishing line – how many yards of the fishing line do I need?

Selecting the right length of the fishing line is not rocket science, man!

Can this be true?

Well,,,,,,,,,,,, First, you should decide the type of line you should be getting. However, even that depends on some facts!

Buying extra fishing lines can also cost some unnecessary dimes that you could have invested in other gears.

And I’m damn sure you don’t want to waste those extra bucks!

So, optimizing the length of the fishing line can be beneficial. But first, let’s dive right into the magical number of how much fishing line you will need.

How many yards of the fishing line do I need?

The amount of fishing line you will be needing can depend on a variety of things—the sort of fishing you will be doing, the type of your reel, and so on. But mainly, it can depend on the kind of line you will use. 

Is 125 yards of fishing line enough? Generally, you will find the following four types of lines out on the market.

The Monofilament lines

monofilament lines

The mono-lines are made from a single strand of fiber or plastic. They are famous for occasional fishing activities. These lines are the cheapest, and you can get a spool of them starting from 10 USD. As they are reasonable, you can even get them extra if you come across a line failure.

But these lines are the thickest and might not fit that much on the reel. Also, if you plan to get extra and plan on storing, note that these lines tend to degrade pretty quickly. These lines are also not suited for deep water fishing. So around 100 yards should be enough.

The Copolymer Lines

The Copolymer Lines

These are an upgraded version of the monolines. Copolys are made of different nylons instead of just one that makes them more durable than mono. They also show lower shape memory. These lines are also much thinner that allows you to fit more lines on your reel.

Copolys tend to sink underwater. So if you are planning to catch the fishes close to the water surface, copolymer lines won’t be such a good option. But they are the perfect plans for deeper fishing. So, you can try more than mono lines for your fishing with the line.

The Fluorocarbon lines

The Fluorocarbon lines

These lines are made for stealthy operations under the water. They become invisible underwater, which makes them very effective for fishing. Fluorocarbon lines are much more durable than the previous two types. They are also thinner and more abrasion-resistant.

These lines are fast sinkers that make perfect plans suitable for drop shots, jigs, and bottom tactics with high precision. However, these lines are expensive. So, do check on your budget and try not to go overboard with the line yards.

The braids

The braided fishing line

These are the toughest ones you will find. Braids are made of multiple strands of fibers. Their superior durability makes them extra special for heavy-duty fishing. Though braids are multi-strand lines, they are very thin. But they also come at much higher price points.

But honey, it’s not the only issue…….

How many yards of the line do I need to fish in freshwater?

To do some dramatic performance in fishing in freshwater, the type and length of the line is a crucial factor.

Too many yards of a line can cost you extra, which you could have used to get better gears. On the other hand, you go low with the length, and you might fail to reach the heavy fish zones.

So, “how many yards of the fishing line do I need?” Or maybe how many yards of line for bass fishing?

To begin with, figure out the kind of line that would be effective for the task. You can use mono, fluorocarbon, or even braided ones. Braided and fluorocarbon lines have low buoyancy, and so they sink.

Therefore, you can use them for higher depths. You can also use them for higher-ranged castings. So, you can use 200 yards as optimum. How many yards of line on a baitcaster? It’s almost same.

And a quick reminder: Mono lines tend to float on water.

You can also get them at a low cost relative to the other lines. They are also not suitable for long castings. You can use 150 yards for freshwater activities.

Fun fact: Try fishing reel line capacity calculator & see what it shows.

How many yards of the line do I need for tuna fishing? And how many yards of the fishing line do I need to shark fish?

Are you thinking of upgrading your fishing to the superior level?

Why not go for the tunas or the sharks in the deep sea. Fishing them is challenging as tunas are hard to catch.

To catch these giants, you cannot expect to use your regular freshwater equipment at all. You can find special gear just for this type of fishing. Tuna fishes are solid, and average lines are nothing for them to break free. So, The lines must be extra tough. You cause the braided lines for the task.

Braided lines are very thin but extremely strong. The reels designed for tuna fishing can hold up to 1000 yards of braided lines.

You’ve heard something like this a million times………Tuna fishes tend to swim away really fast and hard.

And sadly, it’s true!

So if you run out of lines, you say the fish goodbye!

As straight as it sounds!

So to comprehend this giant, you will need a long reserve of line. As the specially designed reels let you hold up to 1000 yards, you might want to fill it up as much as you can keep the braids’ high price in mind.

Sharks are one the most vicious fishes you can find in the deep sea. They are also very challenging to catch, like the tunas. To counter sharks, you will also need to gear up with special fishing equipment.

Braided lines are also required to catch them.

To catch these devastating creatures, anglers use monofilament to counter the shocks created by the fish’s mouth. To catch them, you will need more than 600 yards of solid braided lines.

Are 100 yards of fishing line enough?

Fishing lines are one of the essential parts to rock out at fishing.

There are several types you can use, each with its specialty. You can find lines costing from 10 USD and way up to costly braided ones. But if you are running low on budget, you sure can lower the cost by optimizing the length of the lines you will be using.

How many yards of the fishing line do I need? – is a pretty relevant question if you are trying to come out with an awesome combo of fishing tools.

Whoa, whoa stop right there……..

The length mainly depends on what kind of fishing you will be doing. For example, deepwater fishing will require more yards of lines to reach the fishes. On the other hand, occasional freshwater fishing can be done by much lower lengths of lines comparatively.

But you gotta start somewhere, right?

The length of the line would also depend on the reel. Even your fishing reel would take up some lines just to fill in, according to the instruction manual of the reel. How much line to put on a spinning reel ? Most reels would recommend using 200 yards of line.

So, considering all those 100 yards might not be enough. You should try for at least 150 yards of fishing line to do some fine fishing.

How much line you should be putting on your spinning reel?

Spinning reels are the most popular and efficient ones out there in the fishing world. Pros, newcomers, they are suitable for all sorts. Even some pros disagree with doing fishing without the spinning reels.

So what am I talking about?

The reel is super helpful for fishing. It includes a metal ball that can lock the reel and prevent unspooling. Now with a solid and thin line, you can pull any fish right out of the water and Score!

But the reel’s performance highly depends on the line it has been filled with.

Almost all the reels recommend a fishing line of 200 yards to be used because it takes some line to maintain performance.

When you load up your reel with a line, make sure to check how much line needs to be filled. Too many or too few lines can affect the reel’s performance. The amount of line required can be determined by the reel size and the type of line you are using.

Generally, you should fill up to ⅛ inch away from the edge using the line.

While you spool the line, make sure to do it evenly. Now depending on the line diameter, monofilament would require less as they are thick. Fluorocarbon and braided lines would need more. 


Fishing can be gratifying work to do.

However, to accomplish it smoothly, you will require the proper sets of tools. The line you will be using is a critical member of this list. In addition, the type of the line and the length can significantly affect how you will perform while fishing. So if you are asking, “how many yards of the fishing line do I need?” you should go through some essential factors.

Type of the line, kind of fishing you will be doing, even the type of reel you will be using impacts the answer. The line length can give you some significant advantages on your fishing. But if the length is too high, you will face issues such as facing undesired knots and so on. Even the performance of your reel and rod can be affected.

Optimizing the line length would enhance your fishing experience.

Also, it will prevent the unnecessary maintenance of your fishing tools. It would also save you a pretty great dime and time.

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