How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Frozen Fish Last? – Sealing the catch 101

When it comes to fish-lovers, vacuum-sealed is another advantage to thaw your fish and enjoy it whenever you want!

So true!

Vacuum sealing is the packaging method that preserves or carries fresh, healthy food for the longest time, preventing possible food toxins or bacteria.

But the main question is going on, “how long does vacuum-sealed frozen fish last?”

According to the study, vacuum-sealed frozen fish will last maximum 2 years if anyone can do the process properly. You wouldn’t find any texture difference compared to fresh fish if you defrost the fish accordingly.

However, the exact time of vacuum-sealed frozen fish lasting depends on a few factors. Here, we’re trying to highlight the factors that help you to find out the duration of time!

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Things to know: how long does vacuum sealed frozen fish last?

The several factors that indicate the duration of vacuum-sealed frozen fish are given below-

  • Type of freezer
  • Type of fish
  • Packaging integrity

Type of freezer:

The freezer you’re using in your home is a factor in determining the frozen fish’s lasting time. Normally, the freezer of stable temperature as 0° Fahrenheit is a great choice to ensure long-lasting frozen fish. It’s good news that most of us having this type of freezer in our home.

Again, “frost-free freeze” is another type of freezer that’s temperature normally does not remain the same. This is because it raises the temperature periodically to remove ice within the freezer. So, frozen fish storage time is comparatively reduced in this freezer.

Type of fish

Fish containing fats or not; it also is the factor that affects storage time. The fish containing less fat, such as cod, yellowfin tuna, halibut, are much longer for frozen.

In contrast, the fattier fish such as salmon, sablefish, chilliean sea bass will not very last longer in the freeze. They contain fewer polyunsaturated fainintegrity (Omeg-3s), so they prone to oxidation.

Packaging integrity:

There’s no confusion about the storage freezer bag, or container is also a factor that determines the lasting period! Obviously, the vacuum sealing fish is perfectly done or not is also necessary.

Is there any possibility of oxidation or bacteria? Because over time, air can be leak into the container or freezer bag. So, must be examining your freezer bag or container before you have frozen the vacuum sealing fish. Learn more.

Know-How Long vacuum-sealed frozen fish Will Last?

Here, we’ve completely discussed the factors. You will find different freezing methods that can keep fish fresh between 4-6 months. But compared to any other methods out there, the vacuum-sealed packaging method could extend preservation time to up to 2 years. Isn’t it a big difference?

So, the best method of preservation is totally indicated the vacuum sealed packaging. But, there’s one thing to note down that the lasting time also depends on the perfect vacuum sealing process.

So, how to ensure the vacuum sealing properly?! It’s now a challenge, right? No need to worry. The short guideline for vacuum-sealed packaging is there for you. Take a look.

Vacuum sealing fish and freezing: step by step guide

Step 1: Clean your fish

The first thing you should have to do is clean and wash the fish properly. Then, cut the fish into fillets or the cut of your preferences.

If you have a small space on your fridge, then cut the fish into small pieces. It’ll help the fish fresh last longer.

Step 2: Brine it

Before freezing, brine is the process that can give you a big difference. After cutting the pieces, brine the fillets with mixing of dissolved salt and some water.

Here, the quantity is ¼ cup dissolve salt in 2-pints of cold water. Next, soak the fillets for above 5minitues.

This will help to give the fish a firmer texture plus minimize moisture loss.

Step 3: Dry and wrap

The next step is to dry the filets completely before frizzing because the excess moisture might cause difficulty during vacuum sealing.

So, it must ensure the fillets are completely dry. For this, you should wrap each of the fillets in a layer of paper towels.

After that, wrap each fillet with a plastic wrap and freeze for about 3-4 hours. It will ensure no moisture is left on the vacuum.

Step 4: Prepare filets for vacuum seal

Now, it’s time to do the main step.

  • After freezing the fish, you’ve to transfer it to the freezer bag or rolls for vacuum sealing.
  • Vacuum seal the packaging.
  • After this, labeling the vacuum seal with a date.
  • Place it into the freezer.

Thus, that’s all for perfect vacuum sealing of fish. But try to use a good quality vacuum sealer for fish & wild game.

How can you tell if fish is spoiled?

The suspicion about the fish still fresh or not is a common phenomenon in our daily life. There are a few indicators that will tell you the fish is spoilt. Firstly, it must feel like an unpleasant smell of tromethamine from the spoiled fish. Secondly, fish are seen as becoming rotted again, where the fresh fish, along with bulging and shiny look, their spoiled fish’s eyes are sunken and cloudy into the head.

How long will vacuum-sealed fish last?

The exact duration of vacuum-sealed fish lasting time depends on several factors. Type of fish, type of packaging, or type of freezer is the factor that determines the self-life of vacuum-sealed fish.

Like, if you vacuum sealed a much fattier fish (such as salmon, sablefish, chillien sea bass) the lasting period will be longer than the low fattier fish (such as cod, yellowfin tuna, halibut).

Why You Should Never thaw frozen fish in its vacuum sealed packaging?

The best method of food preservation for a long time is vacuum-sealed packaging. But, before thawing the frozen fish in its vacuum-sealed packaging, you need to examine the packaging properly. Is there any oxygen or moisture which the fillets or fish can suck out?

Again, when thawing frozen fish, there’s the possibility of bacteria such as Clostridium botulinum and Listeria monocytogenes. how long will vacuum sealed fish last in the refrigerator? You can expect to get it in good shape within 2 years as well.

Can I eat fish that has been frozen for two years?

You can absolutely eat fish that has been frozen and vacuum-sealed in packaging for two years. Packaging perfectly ensures the last longer up to 2years, and still, the fish will smell or look good, then there are no negotiations at all.

Quick Question: Can frozen fish be refrozen?

Yes, cooked or uncooked fish that has been thawed in the refrigerator can be refrozen.


Get your fish fresh for a longer time with the best preservation idea-vacuum sealed packaging for up to 2years.

Whether it completely depends on you, so you must be aware of the proper processing of fish. And, once again!

Let’s enjoy the fresh food naturally.

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