Different Types of Fishing Reels – Explained in Detail

Different Types of Fishing Reels
Are you thinking of buying a fishing reel? Well, a thorough understanding of the equipment, its function and what it is used for is essential when it comes to acquiring the correct and good quality reel.
Before looking for the perfect reel to buy, therefore, it is good to clarify one essential requirement: what type of fishing reel is the right suit for you?
To know the answer, you need to have a look at the different types of fishing reels. So, to help you out here’s a complete guide on the most popular types of fishing reels.
So, without wasting any more time, here we start:

What is a Fishing Reel?

Symbol of modern fishing, the reel has revolutionized this activity. Without this reel installed at the bottom of the rod, the techniques currently practiced in salt and fresh waters could not exist.
Think for example of the spinning technique: this term already underlines the importance of the reel, deriving from the English verb “to spin” and therefore “rewind”, precisely utilizing a reel.
Without this tool, we would still be stuck in the universe of the fixed rod, excellent for touch fishing along streams, of course, but useless for the vast majority of other existing techniques.
The reel allows fishermen to get there where it was simply impossible to think of arriving before.
And thanks to the friction, it allows you to fight with fish of essential dimensions. The important thing, in any case, is to choose the right reel according to your needs.

The 7 most popular fishing reels

Surf Casting Reel

They are reels made (if they are of quality) with materials resistant to corrosion from the sun, sand and saltwater, made of anodized aluminum or graphite, or with both materials.
The sturdy material allows them to last over time and not waste your money. Another exciting advantage of this reel is that they allow a large amount of line, which helps to provide better control in the launch and that these are longer.
The reel for Surf Casting is quite versatile and can be used for different types of fishing and the capture of different species.

Spincast reel

This fishing reel is perfect to use when we are starting to learn about fishing. It is ideal for teaching children; that is why it is widely used.
The best feature is its price. They are usually quite cheap; its second feature is that it is effortless to use. As we explained, it is a reel to start within this sport or in this recreational activity.
So you cannot expect to get much space for the line, and you cannot wait to use the reel to catch big fish. They are also known as closed casing reels.

Baitcasting reel

This reel requires a bit more skill to use, so be in the group for anglers with a bit more experience.
One of the advantages of using this reel is that you have a more excellent range in terms of distance, it will also give you greater control at the time of fishing, they come in a light version or a slightly heavier version.
The baitcasting reel is the favorite of fishermen, for sport fishing of large species or as it is known “Big game fishing”.

Reel for trolling or dragging

The versatility of this reel makes it another favorite for anglers, as you can use it both for offshore fishing and more relaxed freshwater fishing.
The fundamental thing to look for in this type of reel is that it has a resistant multi-disc drag system, as well as a large capacity for the line.

Spinning reel

The spinning reel is another favorite among fishermen, which is why it is widely used. Your advantage: the versatility of this reel, whether you want to fish on the seashore or prefer lake fishing, this may be the reel to choose.
Most importantly, it is another favorite for beginning anglers, because it is effortless to use. So, if you are entering the world of fishing, this may be your option.

Offshore Reel

Offshore reels are popular for the demanding conditions that offshore providing us. They are hard and resistant, also quite expensive, as they are reels for fishing large species from the depths of the ocean.
They can be of the baitcasting or spinning type, they are used for “Big Game Fishing”, and an offshore reel must withstand the harsh environmental conditions found in the ocean, sun and a lot of saltwater.
Don’t be surprised to find offshore reels that cost you more money than others. However, if you are willing to pay this range, you will know that you have a quality reel.

Fly Fishing Reel

Widely used for lake and river fishing, with this reel precision is essential and thanks to this reel you can achieve the highest accuracy so that the line falls in the desired place.
You can get specialized fly fishing reels on the market for trout fishing or salmon fishing, in any case, this is one of the carriages.

3 Important tips when choosing a reel

To help you choose the best reel, we give you three steps in order of importance. Here they are:
First: the cost of the reel. The cost of the reel will determine its quality.
Second: what kind of fishing. Buy the reel with the characteristics indicated for it.
Third: weight and size. To make a good game with the rod, the weight of the reel must be well balanced with the rod.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do the numbers on the fishing reels mean?

It is usually indicated on the reel box with two numbers. One of the numbers is always a one, as it measures the turns of the reel for each full turn of the crank.
That is if we have a 5: 1 ratio spool, it means that for each turn of the crank, the thread guide gives 5.

What is the ratio of a fishing reel?

The ratio of a reel usually is the variable indicative of its speed, but it is not the only determining factor of its speed. That means the coil makes 6.3 turns per 1 full turn of the crank.

What is the difference between casting and spinning?

Basically, the difference between spinning and casting is given in the fishing rods.
The spinning rod has two areas for grip, one of them above the reel, which facilitates pulling and printing sinuous movements to the line. The rings on this rod are generous and extensive.


So, these are the different types of fishing reels that may interest you. Remember, each one specialized for the kind of fishing you are looking to do.
Now then, have you found the suitable type of fishing reel for you? Let us know it by commenting below!

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