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It is fairly typical to be perplexed regarding which bluegill lures to buy. This difficulty occurs because to the wide variety of bluegill lures available on the market. To help you choose the best bluegill lures available on the market, we have produced a detailed guide.

Top 10 Bluegill Lures : Editor Recommended

10 Bluegill Lures Reviews

I have already minimized your options from hundreds to only 10 and here you go with a quick comparison chart of bluegill lures which should leave no confusion.

SaleBestseller No. 1
BASSDASH SwimPanfish Multi Jointed Panfish Bluegill Swimbaits Topwater Hard Bass Fishing Crank Lure...
  • The high quality hard swimbaits made of ABS material can withstand the wear and tear from fighting fish
  • Cranking with topwater depth from one to three feet
  • The 3D bluegill is 6-segment jointed to enhance the life-like swimming action, which causes the lure to swim in a side-to-side motion
  • The multi-section swimbaits help to keep a bass hooked during the fight by eliminating the leverage they have when trying to shake off a full-body bait
  • Heavily targeted by bass, pike, musky and a multitude of other gamefish; 8-inch 8-segment pike swimbait with soft fins is also available and please search B07CKDYR9K
Bestseller No. 2
Crappie-Baits- Plastics-Jig-Heads-Kit-Shad-Fishing-Lures-for Crappie-Panfish-Bluegill-20Piece Kit - 15 Bodies-...
  • MUST-HAVE for ANY CRAPPIE ANGLER.--Everything you need to go crappie fishing in any condition! XFISHMAN Baby Shad Kit includes 15pcs 2" Baby Shad.5 pcs Big Eye jigheads (5 colors), all conveniently placed in a thin lure pack for easy access.
  • CRAPPIE KILLER --These soft plastic baits come in a variety of color combinations that are deadly on crappie, panfish and more. Stinger Shads are a must-have for any crappie angler.
  • CRAPPIE FAVORITE --The lure’s shad -like design perfectly imitates the body of a young shad or minnow and its thin tail creates a subtle darting action similar to a fleeing baitfish. The lure’s subtle action and small profile make it ideal for tricking wary crappie in water.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN JIGHEAD--XFISHMAN Big Eye jighead with the added attraction of an 3D Big Eye -a deadly one-two punch for making lethargic fish bite.
  • GREAT DEALS --Total of 20 piece lure and Jigheads. If purchased separately would cost more than $15.
Bestseller No. 3
DELONG LURES - Corn Borer Soft Plastic Wax Worm Panfish Lures for Bluegill, Perch, Sunfish, Bream, and Even a...
  • MADE IN AMERICA SINCE 1946: Millions of satisfied customers for more than 75 years have successfully used these pre rigged fishing lures in ponds, lakes, and rivers. Delong fishing lures are made from a more durable soft plastic making them a stronger fishing lure. These Corn Borer fishing lures are perfect as bass lures, speckled trout lures, crappie lures, bluegill lures, bream lures and even peacock bass lures.
  • USED FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF FISH: It looks like a wax worm under a bobber. It looks like fish food, smells like fish food, and has a hook in it. A simple yet effective way to catch bluegill, crappie, bream, bass, and many other species of fish.
  • EASY TO USE: Put the realistic looking Corn Borer fishing lure on an ultra light rod by tying your line straight to the hook that is molded in. Cast it in areas where there are fish, and let it slowly start to sink making the bug lure look like a wax worm slowly sinking to the bottom for an easy meal for any fish. These tiny fishing lures are great bluegill fishing lures for all ages and skill levels.
  • ANISE SCENTED AND REALISTIC: It looks like a wax worm and works better. the corn Borer is a wax worm fishing lure molded onto a hook. it last way longer than any wax worm and can not die like a pack of wax worms, so you will have these anytime you can't get wax worms.
  • LONGEST LASTING FISHING LURES ON THE MARKET: All of our lures are hand poured with plastic that is stronger than any other soft plastic company. Our fishing lures have a realistic feel to them that keeps fish holding on longer giving you far better hookup ratios! While most soft plastics have the consistency of jello to catch fishermen, DeLong Lures have a realistic consistency that catch more fish!
Bestseller No. 4
Bassdash SwimPanfish 2.5”/0.34oz Hard Bluegill Swimbaits Multi Jointed Topwater Trout Bass Fishing Crank...
  • Cranking with topwater depth from approx. one to five feet
  • The 3D Bluegill is 6-Segment jointed to enhance the incredible, Life-like Swimming Action, which causes the lure to swim in a side-to-side motion – this swimbait allows you to get the same action as if you were fishing with live bait, but with the benefits of a hard lure
  • Loop Knot is suggested to apply for more control and ease of use
  • Flawless Natural Color imitation; vivid 3D Laser Eyes; Textured Fins
  • Heavily targeted by Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striper, Pike, Musky and a multitude of other game fishes; 3.5 inches topwater Bluegill swimbait is also available and please search B07DKFZJL5
Bestseller No. 5
Sunrise Angler 4 Inch Bluegill Jointed Swimbait | Sinking Hard Bait Fishing Lure for Freshwater Game Fishing...
  • ONE LURE | FIVE SEGMENTS & SQUARE BILL - This lure is a square lipped swimbait with five joints and six sections. The jointed body allows the lure to have a perfect natural "S" swimming action to attract the biggest gamefish. The hard body sections are connected using a durable & tough Dyneema fabric.
  • SINKING LURE - Cast it out and count it down! Once the lure hits the water it will slowly begin to sink. Count it down to the depth you want to run it at and then slowly retrieve it. The lure will run in the Strike Zone right in front of that big fish! Or you can use this fishing lure like a jerkbait, crankbait or glidebait to catch that lurking bass.
  • PERFECT FEATURES - 3D holographic eyes, perfect Bluegill (or Panfish) textured body shape and true lifelike color make these lures irresistible to all freshwater gamefish species (Bass, pike, musky, catfish and many other freshwater fish).
  • RATTLE - Built-in steel ball adds weight to the lure and allows for longer casts. Once in the water and being retrieved, the lure emits the sound of bait fish feeding.
  • ULTRA SHARP HOOKS - Sharp durable high quality #6 treble hooks have a long lasting finish and are perfectly sized for these lures.
Bestseller No. 6
NUOMI 5-Piece Mini Fishing Lures Crankbait Bass Fishing Hard Baits Hooks Topwater, Catching Bluegill Crappie...
  • Material: ABS + High-carbon steel. These Crickets and Hooks are well made and have great colors. Cricket is 1.57in(4cm) long. Small And big Fish slayer.
  • Detailed looking lures are very nice for LRF fishing in both salt and fresh water! Due to the fact they are small they don't spook the fish, especially on small bodies of water like streams.
  • Great little lures for Sunfish, Bluegill, perch, and crappie, bass, small largemouth bass, panfish, smallies, spotted bass, and even a small northern pike on these.
  • 5 Piece small crankbaits. They sink slowly. Great action and stays down in the water column but won’t dive to the bottom and get hung. The paint finish is decent enough and holds up well.
  • Cast and retrieve and catch fish. Makes catching panfish, or any fish really, very easy. WARNING - These hooks are extremely SHARP, so use care when handling them.
Bestseller No. 7
Savage Gear Pulse Tail Bluegilll 4" RTF Wite Gill (White Gill) 2535,One Size
  • Length: 4 Inches
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Action: Slow Sink
  • Color: White Gill
Bestseller No. 8
DELONG LURES 2" Junior Tadpole Fishing Lures for Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, Bass and Trout, Easy to Use Life...
  • LOOKS, FEELS, SMELLS, AND MOVES LIKE WHAT FISH EAT: bluegill, crappie, perch, and bass all love to eat tadpoles. If It looks like a tadpole feels like a tadpole, smells like a tadpole and moves like a tadpole fish will try to eat it!
  • EASY TO USE: These tadpoles come with the hooks molded in, so all you have to do is tie your line to the eyelet of the hook and cast it out! Give it little twitches as you reel it in and watch fish attack it!
  • HAND MADE IN AMERICA: All DeLong Lures are hand poured in America by professional bait makers.
  • LONGEST LASTING LURES ON THE MARKET: These lures have to hooks molded in with high quality soft plastic that outlasts all other soft fishing lures.
  • UNIQUE LURES THAT AD VALUE TO YOUR TACKLE BOX: DeLong is known for their innovative fishing lures. While most other lures are almost exactly the same, the DeLong tadpole gives you a fishing lure that is different than the lures everyone else is using. This will help you catch more fish when others are struggling.
SaleBestseller No. 9
FishingPepo Fly Fishing Poppers, Topwater Fishing Lures Bass Crappie Bluegill Sunfish Panfish Trout Salmon...
  • Rich In The Quantity: 10PCS/Pack. All 10 fly fishing poppers are different. 5 Colors: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange. Hook Size: 6#.; It is a great fly fishing flies kit for both beginners or experienced anglers
  • A Variety Of Colors: these trout poppers have 5 colors, Fly Fishing Poppers Hook are made of high carbon steel, sharp and powerful, making sure the fishes won't be able to escape.; The multiple colors can lure fish under different lights and water conditions, which can help you catch fish more easily no matter in clear or muddy water
  • Reliable Material: these fly fish poppers are composed of flies and pointed hooks; The heads of the flies are made of plastic, the feathers are made of PC and the hooks are made of stainless steel; They are durable and can be applied for a long time; With these colorful fishhooks, you can hook and land fish more easily
  • Realistic Appearance: the extra strips on both sides of the flies heads are their 'legs', which imitate flies appearances; A slight twitch of the fishing line makes these panfish poppers more lively, just like the real flies resting on the water surface, which can easily draw fish’s attention; These fishing files are suitable for fishing in rivers, lakes, streams and so on
  • Sharp Barb Hook: Sharp Hook Size 6 Hook for Multiple Pan Fish Species Amazing Surface Water Fishing,Hard Foam Body, White Rubber Legs Add Extra Life to the Popper Flies, Color it with Marker for More Variations.The Popper Fly is One of the Most Effective Topwater Flies, That Offer Exciting Sight Fly Fishing Experiences.You can use them to easily catch bass, sunfish, bluegill, trout, salmon,crappie, etc.
Bestseller No. 10
10 Pieces Mini Fishing Lures Fishing Hard Baits Hooks Crankbaits Fishing Lures Baits Topwater Lures for...
  • Various styles and sufficient amount: you will receive 10 pieces mini fishing lures in different shapes and good workmanship with plastic boxes; Built in steel balls caused strong sound travels efficiently through the water, enticing fishes strikes, very practical for fishing lovers
  • Realistic design: the crankbaits features realistic looking eye and beautiful pattern around the whole body, the delicate design makes it looks vividly and realistic and easier to attract fishes
  • Reliable material: the mini fishing lures are made of ABS and high carbon steel material; These body parts and hooks are well made and have bright colors, and pointed hooks makes them powerful catching tools, never let the prey escape, can be applied for a long time
  • Suitable for: these mini fishing lures are nice tools to attract bluegill, perch, and crappie, bass, small largemouth bass, panfish, smallies, spotted bass and so on, practical and nice accessories for fishing in both salt and fresh water
  • Nice gifts for fishing lovers: the mini fishing lures feature a proper size, compact size to carry and won't make the fish feel scared, especially in small streams, and can be sent as a gift for your families or friends who love fishing

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