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Best Trolling Motor
Boating is not a new thing for human. Some love boating to get fresh air and view where some people use boats on a daily basis. Previously men used oars to paddle their boats. It is a good exercise. But there are times when paddling becomes tiring and stressful. If the weather is windy, then it becomes more difficult.
Affixing a trolling motor to an angler boat or kayak makes you free from paddling the boat whether you are fishing or moving across water. Trolling motors contain a motor from where the energy produces, a propeller to drag the boat which also works like oars and controls. It is affixed to the bow or stem of a boat and takes your boat to wherever you want without paddling it. Moreover, electric trolling motors make less noise so when you are fishing; fishes won’t scare away making them perfect for fishing.
For investing in any trolling motor, you need to know which one can be called the best trolling motor and what features it has to worth your money. In this article, I am going to brief about the best trolling motors these days for you to find the best one for yourself without much hassle.

Best trolling motors reviewed!

The MinnKota Traxxis is one of the most innovative transom mount motors for boats. This motor comes in 2 sizes, one comes with a 36-inch shaft, and the other comes with a 42-inch shaft. If you have a boat whose bow to waterline’s distance is under 16 inches then the 36-inch shaft and if the distance is from 16 to 22 inches then use the 42-inch shaft size is suitable for it.

This trolling motor is specially designed for the freshwater mount. With good quality, the motor is also powerful. Its 55 pounds of thrust provides better control in changing water currents and strong streams. Its Multi-position and extension handle makes this component very comfortable and convenient. The ergonomically shaped tiller can be extended up to 6″ and tilted up to 45 degrees even after being extended without being extended. That not all, it can be tilted downward for easy storage.

Sometimes boats may get stuck on actively moving water where two or more current meet which is called Riptide. This motor comes with one-hand stow mechanism that receives the Riptide in and out of the water quick. It is also simple to use as all you have to do is to pull up and forward to stow.

When you’re near to your fishing spot, and you want to get your MinnKota Traxxis in one of ten different positions to use the easy-access thumb release. It is as easy as that. For effortless steering, you need to keep the collar above the Traxxis mount loose or if you want to keep your Traxxis in place tighten it down to adjust steering tension to your desired level. It has a Quick-Lock cam adjuster. With the help of it, you can change depths simply and securely lock in your motor tightly anywhere on the water.

With the facilities described before you may be wondering about its battery. The MinnKota Traxxis comes with a Digital Maximizer that controls and optimizes power to extend its battery life. It also reduces heat which can damage the battery. It ensures you that you can stay on the water for five more times that other trolling motor users on a single charge.

There is a Push-to-Test Battery Gauge located right on the motor head works as a convenient digital battery indicator enabling you to get an instant state-of-charge reading. Many users have given good reviews on its battery life. They have even stated that despite using the Traxxis for a long time on the water, they faced less battery drainage than they have expected.
If you are searching for some motor that you can use on saltwater as well freshwater then this Newport Vessels offers you the feature. This trolling motor has a strong thrust of 55lb at the same time making no noise. Its 3-blade propeller provides near silent operation. That means if you are going to use it for fishing, fishes will not scare away from the sound making it perfect for fishing.

The manufacturers have guaranteed its making with high-quality materials and design concept. This Newport Vessels allows you to fish all day long on freshwater as well as saltwater without the motor being overheated. This Newport trolling motor is so versatile that you can use it on expandable boats, kayaks, dinghies, fishing boats, tenders, aluminum fishing boats and almost all fixed transom small boats.

The shaft is made of composite fiberglass which is about 30 inch and very strong. You can easily place your boat at any depth on the water with it. It comes with 8-speed gear – of them five forward and three reverse gear and a 6-inch telescoping handle for you to control the motor smoothly with and effortlessly. The manufacturers especially mentioned about the fifth gear for fantastic speed.
Come to its battery; the Newport Vessel runs with any 12–volt deep cycle battery or marine battery. It comes with a 5-point LED battery meter built directly into the head of the motor shows you the battery status. But unfortunately, the trolling motor doesn’t come with any battery. You have to include one by yourself.

The NV-Series is an example of balanced strength and efficiency. The main problem to use any motor for saltwater is corrosion. The composite fiberglass shaft and high-quality corrosion resistant hardware make it one of the best trolling motor. The Newport Vessel is always ready for any water, so you can still be prepared for adventure.

After purchasing it comes with two years of warranty. Mentioning the customer service, a user once claimed some problem with his purchased motor. He found the motor casing started to rust after using on saltwater. The company figured something was wrong with the motor and replaced it soon without any extra fee. That proves how trustworthy the Newport Vessel company is. So, you can believe what they have claimed about their product and purchase without having a second thought.
The Minn Kota Endura C2 stands for its durability. The brand Minn Kota is a reliable brand in this field that you can trust for your trolling motor without thinking twice. The Minn Kota Endura C2 is a freshwater trolling motor series. It creates a powerful thrust of 55 pounds for your boat which is enough for your boat to get a decent speed while giving you better control over the water. The 36-inch shaft is suitable if your boat has a bow to waterline distance under 16 inches. As electric motors are not rated in horsepower but volt, this motor can be smoothly run with any 12-volt deep cycle battery.
Another thing to choose this Endura series is its shaft. The shaft is made of very strong and durable composite materials. While riding your boat on water if you by chance have a collision with any submerged surface your shaft will not let you down by breaking into pieces. It is claimed that much durable and corrosion-free.

If you want a motor on your boat for fishing, I will recommend you to buy one that makes the least noise. Because sound will scare fishes in that area and you may go home without any fish. The Minn Kota Endura C2 uses a unique bearing system that produces low and high torque making the motor a noise-free option for you. So, you can do your job peacefully.

The Endura transom mount trolling motor is controlled by hand tiller. It comes with a telescoping hand tiller that can be extended to 6-inch for your ease of use. You can navigate your boat with precession to wherever you want. There is 8-speed mode (5 forward and three reverse) which makes it easy to control the speed for users.
Minn Kota Endura transom mount comes with every possible feature that you may desire to have for your watercraft. For stronger and solid mount Endura comes with lever-lock bracket system. You can dismount your motor easily with the bracket. The engine is designed in such a way that it won’t overheat and give you the best service. Because when it comes to quality Minn Kota never hesitates to give their best.
This trolling motor is also from the well-known Minn Kota company. But it has some unique and different features, unlike those previous trolling motors. Minn Kota Riptide series is built for use on saltwater. The metal salts cannot harm it due to its corrosion resistant materials. And a saltwater-based trolling motor can also be used on freshwater.

The Minn Kota Riptide 55 is suitable for medium to bigger sized watercraft. The bow type mount means the motor has to be placed in the front of the boat. The 48-inch shaft is suitable for boats whose bow to waterline distance is 22 to 28 inches.
Moreover, the powerful 55-pound thrust is no joke. You can already assume that you need to have a boat whose length is 14 feet or more.

It has a unique CoPilot feature that offers you to control the motor from anywhere on the boat. The control remote is easy to use and intuitive. When you press the buttons, the motor will make different sounds in response. So when you go out on fishing, the CoPilot mode will allow you to fish with full concentration. It makes piloting the motor extremely easy even for beginners. Many users have found this feature helpful.

There is an available option for foot paddle. A foot paddle is a hands-free option for controlling your watercraft. As you can control the speed with your feet, you can now use your hands for fishing. There is also a deploy-assist lever that makes it much easier to put the motor down to use. This Riptide series trolling motors make it so easy to control that even a beginner will feel confident to go on the water with his boat.
For better battery life a digital maximizer is also featured with the Riptide series which controls and maximizes battery power. So, your battery won’t die in the middle of the water. Moreover, it reduces engine from heating much and saving battery and make battery long lasting.
This Saturn short-shaft trolling motor is a unique motor. It has some extremely unusual features that you won’t find easily on other trolling motors of this type. The 55lb thrust from a 17lb trolling motor makes it a lightweight yet powerful trolling motor. As other electric motors, this one also offers you silent operation for the better fishing environment.
This amazing Saturn short-shaft trolling motor is specially designed for inflatable boats, KaBoats, kayaks, and canoes. This is unique for its custom-cut shaft which is about 26 inch. The size of its shaft is shorter than other trolling boats I have described. You will rarely find any other trolling motor that gives a powerful 55lb thrust with this short shaft. You will get the benefit of the short shaft on an area of the river, a lake, or a sea where the water is not very deep. You can keep up your speed without the shaft getting bumped in shallow water. This exceptional shaft is flexible yet stronger than other metal or aluminum shafts. So, if the water where you will mostly use your boat is not deep enough then Saturn short-shaft will be your best trolling motor.
The shaft is not the unique feature of this motor. Its tiller throttle handle is another feature that made it famous in Europe and Australia. The handle can be extended to 13.8 inches for better control. You can get your desired angle by tilting the handle into one of its ten adjustable positions. Moreover, the handle can be lifted almost 45 degrees, or all the way down, corresponding to the shaft of the motor. As you can raise the handle up and down the motor becomes compact and portable for transaction and storage.
It also has outstanding speed with efficient battery power. There is 8-speed gear (5 forward + 3 backward) for better speed control. This model requires a 12V deep cycle battery with 50 Amp Max Draw. To show the user how much battery the motor has remained, it comes with a battery level reader into the controller housing. It will also show you when you need to recharge its battery. This motor can be used on freshwater as well as saltwater, but it is recommended that after using on saltwater, wash it out on freshwater for a longer lifespan of the motor.

Goplus electric trolling motor is a versatile motor for small to medium-sized watercraft. It comes in three thrust type. You can choose your motor according to how much thrust you want your boat. It is specially designed for boats, such as Jon boats, Tenders, Inflatables, Gheenoes, Canoes, and Kayaks with brackets. It is mainly a freshwater trolling motor, but you can use it on saltwater. For a long-lasting performance of this motor, it is better to rinse the motor thoroughly with fresh water after using it on saltwater.

The shaft of this motor is 36 inch and made of composite fiberglass material. This material makes the shaft strong and corrosion resistant. The 46lb thrust motor comes with two blade propeller, but the 55lb and 86lb thrust design come with three blade propeller. It is not rare for any trolling motor to get weed stuck with the propeller. But the case is different with this trolling motor. Because the propeller of this trolling motor is specially designed that ensures smooth movement even through underwater grass and marsh. So, if you are going to use your boat on the water with much weed, Goplus will be the best trolling motor for you.
With five forward and three reverse speed gear, this motor is very easy to control with your fingertips. Moreover, the 6-inch expandable telescoping handle makes to control it without any hassle. Its Bracket is made of reinforced nylon material ensures its high strength, good ablation resistance, and excellent dimension stability. Adding more to it, the head of this motor is made of durable aluminum to increase the service life of the motor. Usually, the 46lb and 55lb thrust type require a 12V battery, but for the highest thrust of 86lb, you need to get a 24V battery. There is a 10 point LED battery indicator to check the battery status at any time.

Cloud Mountain trolling motor possesses every quality that a good trolling motor should have. Thrust is ranging from 36 to 86 pound; this is a versatile trolling motor for your small to medium boats. Its saltwater compatible hardware adds more to its versatility. On freshwater or saltwater, this motor works entirely because of its fantastic engineering. But it is not a bad idea to rinse the motor with fresh water after using it on the ocean.

Being powerful this motor offers excellent durability. Its Reinforced Nylon Bracket makes it strong built, ablation resistant. Aluminum head increases the longevity of the motor. The shaft is made of fiberglass composite material which is fully adjustable and corrosion resistant. The shaft size is only 28inch. So it will be better to use it on shallow water. This motor uses power, so you don’t have to charge it all day long. A 10-point LED battery indication ensures that you won’t be going to lose all the power in mid-ocean.
Controlling a cloud mountain motor is not a big deal as it comes with an ergonomic and telescoping handle. Tiller handle can be expanded to 6 inches to be placed in different positions. The tiller can be twisted to one side or other as you want for better control. The motor comes with five forward and three reverse speed gear. The price range is inexpensive despite these useful features and the money worth it.

If you have an Intex boat, then I will recommend you to have an Intex motor too. Intex boats are mainly used for recreational purpose. It will not look good to use oars for paddling when you can enjoy with your friends. Intex trolling motor is specially designed for Inflatable boats such as Challenger 3, Seahawk 2, 3, 4, Excursion 3, 4, 5 and Mariner 3 and 4. Almost all inflatable boats that have built-in motor mount fittings are compatible with this motor. The motor is suitable for freshwater and saltwater both.

It is a hand controlling trolling motor. Its handle can be expanded to 6 inches so you can control your boat better. The handle can be tilted to 45 degrees upwards and 75 degrees downwards making it compact for transporting and easy to store. There is a Tilt Lock lever to lock the tiller at your comfy angle. Speed control is like other motors – five forward gear and three reverse gear.

A deep cycle marine 12-volt battery with at least 60-ampere hours rating is enough for this Index motor. Index trolling motor owns some unique features to expand the motor lifetime with better performance. For optimizing the battery power, a digital maximizer comes with the motor. So you don’t have to worry much.

You will be amazed to know that it has a cooling water system that ensures your motor will not use more power than it needs to go on a certain speed. Moreover, there is a “Soft Start” function that helps Intex motor to increase its lifespan. This one motor guarantees better performance with a longer lifespan.
Some more remarkable features are Battery meter, automatic escape weed control key, dry operation protects, overload protect. It has a sturdy 36-inch shaft, and its thrust power is 40 pound. With the noise-free environment, Intex trolling motor will make your leisure more enjoyable with your friends.

If you are looking for a trolling motor for your Pontoon boat, then Powerdrive V2 motor may be the right one for you. The Powerdrive V2 is a product of the oldest trolling motor manufacturer, Minn Kota. Pontoon boats are no longer relatively slow boats as you can make it fast enough by adding this motor. This is the second version of Powerdrive that once regarded as the most popular trolling motor of its company. Though it possesses a 68-pound thrust and 48inch shaft, it is so silent that it has taken trolling motor quality to another revolutionary step ahead.

Powerdrive V2 motor is controlled by electric steering foot paddle; a speed control knob helps to control the speed. Its deploy mechanism is so great that you can quickly and securely stow your boat on the water with its deploy-assist lever regardless of the water condition. You can unlock the gear quickly when you need. Like other Minn Kota trolling motor it also comes with a digital maximizer for optimized battery power and long battery life. The shaft is made of everlasting composite material that is guaranteed for life.

Powerdrive V2 motor is compatible with Minn Kota’s patented AutoPilot navigation system. You can add this function separately so that when you don’t want to paddle anymore and enjoy the sight, you can use its autopilot mode and let yourself free from paddling. It is straightforward to install the motor to your boat, and the performance is also great. The quick release bracket is easily mounted, and the motor is quickly and easily removable.

There is an exclusive bearing system with reduced friction comes with this boat to cut fish-spooking noise and better fishing experience. To give you a greater underwater and bottom detail Powerdrive v2 possesses Minn Kota’s Universal Sonar 2 system. For example, provides interference-free sonar performance, water temperature sensing, and dual beam technology. With overall performance and features, this is a highly recommended trolling motor. Even its users are seemed to be quite pleased with the Powerdrive trolling motor.

Aquos White Haswing Cayman brings you an excellent trolling motor for your medium to bigger sized boats like Bass Fishing Boats, Pontoon Boat. Its features are perfect comparing to its price. Its hardware is made of corrosion resistant materials which makes it is perfect for saltwater uses.
You can also use it in freshwater. Its hassle-free installation and top-notch engineering will make you fall for it.

The 55-pound thrust will easily pull watercraft up to 2750 pound. The shaft is made of cast aluminum. Having a long shaft of 54 inches will help its 3-blade propeller to stay underwater in rough water. The engine is so quiet that you will hear no sound of the engine and fishes won’t even notice you coming. With variable speed, you can have better control over your boat and motor. It will also allow the motor to consume less power and ensures longer battery life.

Aquos White Haswing Cayman trolling motor delivers outstanding control; the handheld controller is super smooth. The deploy pedal can be pressed with a single hand or foot. When you think you have found your spot you can lock your boat quickly and securely with its easy to use depth collar. You can also control the boat with a wireless remote that also comes with it. The remote can be recharged by any USB charger when necessary. The remote has a range of 164 feet so you can control it both from the boat and shoreside.

You can easily take off the motor from your boat with the help of its ergonomic lifting handle. Carrying it is also easy because its weight is only 34 pound which is much lesser than many other motors. With excellent quality, its price is quite lower than its competitors. Overall it is a good deal with the high price.

Read this before investing in a trolling motor:


Before you are going to put your money on any trolling motor, you need to check certain things of the motor as well as the water condition that you are going to use it on. You may buy the best trolling motor in the market but end up not being satisfied with it. This kind of situation and loss can be avoided by researching a bit about not only the features but also the environment they are made for. I am going to give you some key points that you need to check before investing in any trolling motor.

1. Know your boat size and weight:

Trolling motor comes in different shaft size and thrust. First, have a clear idea about how your boat’s dimension is and what type of boat it is. Then you can separate your type of motor according to your boat’s measurement. Know the shaft size and how much thrust your motor may need to pull your boat.


Thrust mainly depends on the boat’s size and weight — usually the more your boat weights, the more thrust you will need to pull it through the water. But if the area you are going to use your motor is windy or the water has a powerful wave, then you need more thrust wherein a calm lake and nice weather your boat will move smoothly on lesser thrust. But in general, you need 5-pound thrust to pull every 200 pounds of your boat. Don’t forget to calculate how much load you may have on your boat too. It will be better if you calculate the boat weight with its highest capacity of taking the load. Size also depends on weights because on the buoyancy. So the more weight of your boat is the greater its dimension would be.

Shaft length:

You need to find the optimal size of a shaft for your boat to get good performance from your motor. A short shaft is unable to keep the propeller submerged in challenging conditions where a long shaft has bigger chances to collide with any submerged surface. But if you intend to buy a motor for nearby shallow water, you need a short shaft motor. But in the deep sea, you will need a long one. With a short shaft, it is easier to get higher speed. The shaft can be checked with some rule. You need to find the bow to waterline distance or the transom to waterline distance. The front end of a boat is known as bow, and the vertical section at the rear of the boat refers as the transom.

2. Water type:

This one factor you can’t ignore. The water for which you are going to boat on either may cause saltwater or freshwater. If it is freshwater, then any type trolling motor is suitable. But for saltwater uses, trolling motors need to possess some additional feature. As saltwater contains more metal salts, it may decay the metal part and shaft of the boat by reacting with those materials. So, for saltwater use composite fiberglass shaft and iodize steel made parts are necessary to cut down the corrosion. Moreover, the inner parts of the motor also need to be sealed so that saltwater can never touch them. Furthermore, some motor uses an additional ‘sacrificial anode’ which will react with water and decay instead of the motor parts. But it is recommended that after every saltwater use, washing the motor with freshwater can increase the durability of the motor to a great extent. A motor that is made for being used in saltwater can also be used in freshwater.

3. Control type:

The two type of popular controlling methods is hand tiller control and foot pedal control. Which type of control will be better for you depends entirely on your taste and convenience. Hand tiller is more popular as you can fully control your vessel and drive it to the exact direction. Moreover, hand control tiller gives a quick response to the controller. With foot pedal control you will get hand free option. It is best for fishing as you keep your both hand free from controlling the vessel. It will be easier for beginners. But you need to get used to controlling with the foot. Response time is also slower for it, and if the boat carries more than one person, then it will become a bit tough to direct it to the exact way. Some boats come with an extra remote control feature. With remote, you can control the boat from the deck of the boat or nearby shore area.

4. Mount type:

There is two type of mount for any boat: bow mount and transom mount. For bow mounting, you need to have some space for the motor in the front end of the boat. They are preferable for bigger watercraft, and it will feel like the motor is pulling the vessel. Transom motors are adjusted on the rear vertical section of the boat, preferred for small to medium sized boats. They are like pushing your vessel on the water. Transom motors are more common as their applications are better and also good for fishing.

5. Additional features:

Some other feature will make your boating more exciting. For example- digital maximizer it optimizes the power consumption and safeguards battery a long life and makes battery performance better. Battery meter this shows you how much battery power has been used and how much is remaining. Some can notify you when the battery is running low and alert you so that you may not run out of battery in the middle of the water. Sonar will help you to determine the underwater condition. You can understand if there is a school of fish underwater. Weedless prop if the water is mushy and has weed in it your motor especially propeller can get stuck in it. There is some weedless prop that will help you to push away weed and consume battery.

Final words:

When you go to the market to buy a trolling motor, you will find a bunch of options to choose from. But not all motors give a good performance, and not all motors are suitable for you. Having some idea about brands and their goods is necessary. To make the best use of your investment this article is featured.

A good brand will ensure you better customer service. The most popular motors will provide with features that are best for a user. But pricing may be above your budget. Again some motors are popular with their exceptional features; some are for their durability and inexpensiveness. I hope with the help of this article you will get a good idea about trolling motors and will be able to choose the best trolling motor for your boat.
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