Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews 2022: That Wins The Customers

Best Trolling Motor Battery

If you’re a person spending half of his life on the water or just a commoner looking for a day of relaxation out in the waters with your favorite kayak or boat, there’s no question that you’d want the best equipment for your water vehicle. When you’re going out into the deep blues, you can leave nothing to chance as you won’t find any backup in the middle of the water. Keeping that end in mind, all the particulars of your boat or kayak become very important. And the heart of all these types of equipment is your trolling motor. And the heart of the heart, yes, the heart of the trolling motor is the battery that runs it. And that’s why in this article, we’ll give you an idea about the best trolling motor batteries.

People often buy an expensive trolling motor but become indifferent when it comes to buying the best battery that suits the motor. And do you know what the result is? The result is often a dead motor caused due to leakage of the battery, overcharging, corrosion or simply a short-circuit. So, simply put, we believe that when it comes to angling or just gliding along the calm waves of the water with your favorite boat, the trolling motor battery becomes a key issue of safety.

And that’s why in this article we’ll give you some ideas about the best trolling motor batteries there are to use. All of these products are a bang for the buck and will ensure a smooth and pleasing experience. And that’s why we’ll provide no recommendation of the products to use as all these products are different in their purposes and are the best at what they’re supposed to do. Also, in this article, we’ll provide you with a few insights on what you’re supposed to look for in a battery when buying it. And we believe that with these few short notes and quick reminders, you’ll be able to buy the best trolling motor battery.

Best trolling motor battery reviews!

First, in the list, we have for you the Vmax V35-857 12 volt 35 AH AGM battery. This is a top class marine battery suitable for deep cycle and float cycle operations. This battery is a high-performance unit suitable for 18-35lb Minkota, cobra, Sevylor and other trolling motors. It has very handy and compact dimensions too. It’s length x breadth x-height measurements are 7.7 x 5 x 6.6 inches. So you can very well picture how small and handy its specifications are.

Moreover, it’s an AGM meaning that it has sealed compartments. Therefore, its compact build along with a sealed construction makes it very easy to install it in any position if you’re running a shortage in mounting options. Moreover, it requires absolutely ZERO maintenance. YES!!! you have read it right! It requires no maintenance at all. That means you don’t have to sweat over checking the specific gravity of the electrolytes inside the battery or add distilled water inside the compartments.
Moreover, this battery comes with the manufacturer’s signature VMAX heavy duty lead-tin alloys, meaning that you get the extra margin in performance and service life at both float and cyclic conditions. And you get this even after repeated continuous over discharges. The recommended charger for this battery is VMAX BC1204 12V 3.3 amp.

This marine battery is one of the most heavy duty starting batteries in the market. This battery will make sure that your motor starts even in very bad weather. This battery is of 12 volts, 750 cold cranking amps which makes sure that it does not fail to start your trolling motor. However, this monstrous power doesn’t come with a gigantic physical size. In fact, the measurements of this battery are quite handy. With a size of 10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches, this battery makes sure that it gets the job done while being handy and not a burden. It also weighs only 43.5 pounds meaning it is of very lightweight.

It has dual SAE and 5/16 inches stainless steel stud posts giving you the guarantee of absolute durability. This battery is also mountable in virtually any position making it a great option if you’re running low on space in your boat. It also works as an RV battery. It also has a reserve capacity of a whopping 120 minutes to give you that backup during emergencies. It is also 15 times more resilient to shock from vibrations.

The Mighty Max Battery is a bit on the budget-friendly side if you’re looking only for an AGM. It is sealed, it is manufactured by the mighty max company too but comes at a comparatively lower price. This battery is a 12V 35AH maintenance-free battery. With dimensions of 7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches, this battery also ensures handy efficiency when you want your boat to be less congested. This battery has a characteristic of high discharge rates along with a wider variety of operating temperatures, longer service life, and a deep discharge recovery. It has a calcium-alloy grid making it heavy duty and durable. These powerful max batteries are not only used in trolling motors but also in a wide variety of other electrical machinery.


Now, we’ve talked a lot about batteries for your trolling motors and how each one is unique. However, you need to store them in a secured way too to keep them secure, and that’s why we’re reviewing this Newport battery box. With a large build of 17 x 12 x 10 inches, you can rest assured that your battery will stay safe and secure inside this smart box. It has a lot of attractive features too that includes a smart battery meter that reads and tells you the amount of juice your battery still has left in it. The spacious interior can house batteries of group 24 and 27 easily inside it. It has external battery ports so you can connect your trolling motor with the battery without actually opening the box.

It comes with a 10 amp and a 60 amp dual integrated circuit breakers that keep your trolling motor or other accessories from being harmed or damaged. It also includes non-slip rubber feet so that your box retains its position at all costs. It has a direct USB charger and an accessory port for direct DC connection for your required accessories. It comes with a two-year warranty. We think that with all these advantages, this product is the bang for the buck.


Another protecting case for your trolling motor battery is this Minnkota trolling motor power center. This battery case is made to house group size 24 and 27 batteries and also comes with external terminals to connect your battery to the case. It also has two manual circuit breakers, a 15 amp for the accessory plug and a 60 amp for trolling motor. It also has a built-in meter to display the state of the battery. All in all, this product is good if you’re low on the budget for a battery cover.


If you’re someone who’s not used to being out in the deep blues for too long and prefer to return to land very quickly and also have a low budget, then our recommendation to you will be this CB chrome battery. Packed with the only 7AH, it gives a very little period of backup to your motor. Unless you’re an expert swimmer or a person whose work in the water is of only a couple of hours, we wouldn’t recommend you to use it. However, this battery also has some serious firepower packed inside. A 12V 7Ah battery with dimensions of 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.72 inches, this battery has a wide range of applications from alarm systems to mobility scooters. So, if you’re someone low on budget and only roam the waters for a few minutes, you can undoubtedly try this one.


Standing at a whopping lightweight of 38.58 lbs and a measurement of 9.02 x 5.43 x 9.13 inches, this mighty max battery packs 55AH power. This means that at a compact design and lightweight specs, you get longer run time and more power for your trolling motor. And just like any other Mighty Max battery, this one also lives up to its manufacturer’s reputation with a state of the art calcium grid plates and heavy durable AGM’s. Yes, this battery is also an AGM meaning that the glass mats absorb all the electrolytes leaving no room for spilling and therefore is non- hazardous. Standing at the middle of the price range, this is your battery if you want an AGM with longer lasting run time at a lower price.

Another powerful max battery with dimensions of 7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches ensures greater performance for a reduced price. This battery is also packed with the same state of the art calcium-alloy grids differing with the previous one only by the number of grids in its core. It has the same 35AH as any other standard AGM’s and packs the same power too. If you’re looking for an AGM at a budget, then this is your battery to look out for. This is also an SLA meaning that it is sealed and will give you the guarantee of a leakage-free performance. You can mount it in any position too with a battery case if your boat doesn’t come with a built-in battery mount. This battery is also shocking resilient like other AGM’s and will give you the power when you need it out on the water.
This battery is a standard SLA battery in the market that is good for when you need a replacement in the case of an emergency. Packing the same power as any standard 12V 35AH AGM, this battery can get the job done in emergencies when you have no other options to opt for.

This Expert Power Lead_Acid_Battery is the highest reviewed and sold battery in Amazon. This one’s also an SLA meaning that there’s zero chance of leakage of battery acid. And this gives you safety like no other battery. This is a 12 Volt 18 Amp 20 Hour sealed battery with nuts and bolts included. The highly resilient and strong battery case is made of Non- Conductive ABS plastic which is resilient to shocks, vibrations, heat and chemical. AGM technology is also maintained here, so you don’t have to worry about the produced hydrogen gas.


Types of Batteries:

A. Wet cell batteries:

Wet cell batteries also known as flooded lead-acid batteries are probably the most common type of battery used. This kind of battery uses liquid sulfuric acid in its chambers and hence the name. The features for which this battery is preferred include its capability to be charged and recharged frequently and its low cost. This is why this kind of battery is also used in cars.

However, there are downsides to this kind of battery as well. This battery is not sealed, and hence there is a chance of leakage. Also, this battery requires more maintenance as battery acid is used and hence requires usage of distilled water. Also, there’s a chance of corrosion due to leakage and faulty construction. Furthermore, when you’re out on the water, the vibration of the waves can cause farther leakages and as a result spill acid over you and your boat. These kinds of batteries also require well-ventilated compartments as they emit hydrogen gas.

B. AGM or Absorbed Glass Mats Batteries:

Another great option for a battery if your budget is a bit on the upside is the AGM. It is completely sealed and constructed with absorbent fiberglass mats; these batteries ensure that there’s no leakage. Also, being completely sealed, there’s no requirement for a separate compartment to let the excess gas out. The AGM’s construction ensures that the excess gas is stored inside the main battery chamber. This makes it easier to make the battery compact and as a result, makes it easier to fit this battery in any position. This becomes a great and handy feature when your boat or kayak has a small space or limited mounting options.

This battery, just like the FLA, has a great charging and recharging capability. Since trolling motors require frequent charging and recharging, this feature becomes a great one. These batteries have a faster charging time, almost twice as that of an FLA making it very efficient. Also, these batteries tend to contain more power enclosed in a smaller area making them compact and handy and lightweight. They require no maintenance at all and work great in cold temperatures as well. This makes it a great choice for all seasons and weather.
These batteries, however, cannot withstand overheating and therefore, need to be monitored accordingly. Another downside of this battery is that it can easily be overcharged. But with the correct charger, this can easily be avoided. And probably the most crucial disadvantage is its cost as it will cost a tad bit more than your average wet cell batteries. But, if you ask us, we’d say that the advantages and efficiency the AGM offers easily outweighs the expense problem. With all of its advantages, it is safe to say that these are counted as the Best trolling motor batteries.

C. Li-ion Battery:

If you’re a professional angler participating in tournaments and require your boats to be lightweight and fast and need a battery that charges ultra-fast, then look no farther. The Lithium-ion battery will do the magic for you. This battery is normally used in smartphones, laptops and other electrical necessities as they pack more power in a very small area and require very less time in recharging. The downside to this battery is that it is more expensive than the wet cell batteries and the AGM. This battery is making its way slowly into the world of boating since the concept of using a Li-ion battery is still comparatively new.
However, within a very short time, it has managed to turn the eyes of the consumers with its excellent performance and super handy features. It charges very fast and therefore runs the risk of being overcharged if not monitored. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t care about the money but want the best for his boat, then definitely this battery is the one for you. And for its super small and miniature features and handy feel, we call this battery the little magician. With so many new gen tech introduced in this battery, there’s no doubt that the Li-ion battery is the Best trolling motor battery.

Factors that make a battery the bang for the buck:

A. Deep Cycle vs Dual purpose Battery:

The primary and probably the most important thing you should know when buying a battery is that whether it categorizes as a deep cycle or a dual purpose one. A deep cycle battery is only used for running your motor and not starting it. This means that a deep cycle battery slowly charges or converts its stored energy into work at a very gradual rate. This keeps your motor running throughout the span you want. On the other hand, the dual-purpose battery serves two purposes.
It kick-starts your motor as well as runs it. The only difference between the motors is the period that you get the service from each respective battery. Deep cycle battery will give you more energy over a longer period of time, and the dual purpose will run for a lesser period. So choose wisely as to what suits your criteria for the Best trolling motor battery.

B. Compactness:

The weight of your boat and therefore its speed depends a lot on the compactness of the motor and battery you’re running it with. And for that reason, the battery needs to be small, handy and lightweight. And that’s why the Li-ion batteries are the best and then the AGM’s rank the list.

C. Recharging time:

While buying a battery, the efficiency of the battery often depends on the time it takes to recharge it. The lesser time required to recharge a battery, the more efficient it is. But a fast recharging battery isn’t always the best. A battery that requires lesser time along with packing more power or Ampere hour is the one that’s the bang for the buck. Remember that.

D. The ability to be overcharged:

A very important feature of a battery is its ability to function even after being overcharged. One of the reasons for a decreased lifespan and even a damaged battery is it being overcharged. However, whether or not a battery can still function properly after being overcharged is what makes it an ideal choice. So, when you go to buy a battery for your trolling motor, remember to check if the battery has the capability of functioning properly even after being overcharged.

E. Durability:

Durability is a very important factor to be the best trolling motor battery. Usually, the durability of a battery is challenged by its susceptibility to leakage, the vibration of the waves and corrosion. If a battery is not safeguarded against these adversities, then a resulting decreased lifespan and even a damaged battery can be noticed. And that’s why durable batteries with sealed construction are recommended instead of an unsealed battery with the risk of such leakage. And batteries that provide the highest durability are the ones that are the best for usage.

F. Maintenance required:

Wet cell batteries often need more maintenance as distilled water has to be added frequently to keep the balance between the lead plates. For this reason, AGM’s or Li-ion batteries are recommended as they require no maintenance at all and still pack more power into a smaller area.

G. Construction:

A nice and sturdy construction is very much important for the battery to be the Best trolling motor battery that you’re about to buy. An unstable and fragile construction will make it risky for you and your boat. Faulty construction includes the improper sealing of the chambers which increase the risk of leakage and corrosion. That’s why, while buying a battery remember that the best battery is that which will give you the best construction.

H. Efficiency in cold temperatures:

It’s safe to say that summer’s not the only time you’ll take your favorite boat or kayak out for a ride. And that’s why it’s very important to check if your trolling motor battery is efficient equally in cold weather too. And for that reason, the battery that provides you with an equally amazing performance in cold temperatures is the one that’s worth your money.

I. Heat absorbance capacity:

Batteries can get overheated and damaged very easily and quickly, and that’s why it’s very important to look for a heat resilient battery while buying one. All batteries run the risk of being overheated and damaged. But some batteries will withstand more heat than the others and thus stand out of the group. Look out for that one battery as that will save you a lot of future cost on maintenance and a probable replacement.

J. Cost:

When buying any product on the market, if we have a higher budget, we tend to opt for a brand that may be a bit more expensive. REMEMBER, BRAND DOESN’T MATTER, Performance does. If you see a branded and a non-branded battery with the same specs but with a huge gap in prices and there’s a good warranty on the non-branded product, go for it. There’s no reason to spend extra when you can save it and spend it on something else that’s worthwhile.

K. Weight:

The weight of your boat becomes an important factor when you’re out on the water. And more weight is added to it by your trolling motor and the battery that runs it. So, if you’re looking for efficiency, go for the batteries that are more compact and of less weight. For example, the FLA’s pack more weight whereas the AGM’s and the Li-ion batteries pack less weight. So, choose your weight class according to your budget while buying.

L. Charge lasting:

This criterion is probably one of the most important ones while selecting a battery for your trolling motor. Surely, you wouldn’t like to get stranded out on the water just because your battery got drained. That’s why always remember to buy the battery that lasts longer while giving excellent performance and you’ll get the bang for your buck.

M. Lifespan:

When it comes to your battery, the lifespan is a very important criterion. The lifespan will determine how long your battery will last until you need to replace it with a new one. And so, before buying a trolling motor battery, be sure to check its average expectancy so that you get a longer lasting, more durable one. Usually, a wet cell battery lasts for about two years. An AGM will last for about 3-4 years, and a Li-ion battery will last for a whopping ten years approximately. So, choose what best suits you as the Best trolling motor battery.

N. Charging and recharging abilities:

Charging of a battery means its discharging abilities that are, the period and efficiency with which a battery discharges power. On the other hand, recharging means restoring that lost power by recharging the battery. The more efficient a battery is at discharging and recharging, the more useful and bang for the buck it is. Therefore, when buying one for your trolling motor, do make sure that you’re getting the most efficient one.

O. Ampere hour:

In short, this term stands for how long your battery will continue to discharge power or back up your motor before needing to recharge again. That is, after being recharged, the period that a battery takes before being completely drained out is known as its ampere-hour. For example, a 12V 35AH battery means that the battery at a fully recharged condition can provide power for a 12 volt motor for 35 hours before needing another recharge. Usually, the small batteries that support a 12V battery are 20-50 AH. However, nowadays there are newer and bigger batteries that have capacities of up to 100AH.

A few short reminders before buying a battery:


You should remember the following when roaming the market for a new battery for your motor.

How to store:

How to store

When it comes to your battery for the trolling motor, storage is equally as important as using it. And for that reason, these tips will surely come in handy for you. First of all, if your budget suffices, buy a power center or case for your battery. In the product review section, we have reviewed a couple for you. You can choose any one of them.

Secondly, batteries tend to get damaged when they are overheated. Therefore, try and store your batteries in a cool storage place.

Lastly, if you’re using a wet cell battery, make sure there’s no leak in the system and acid is not oozing out. This may cause corrosion or even permanent damage to your battery. Check the specific gravity of the electrolytes if using a wet cell. Add distilled water from time to time to keep the battery properly functioning. And last but not least, know the limit of your battery and don’t overstrain it.


To end the article, what I’d like to say is that you must have noticed that we didn’t put any recommendations while reviewing the products. This is because our researchers perform a thorough study on all products available in the market and then give their reviews. And therefore, you can rest without worrying that all of these products are the best at what they are meant to do at their respective price tags. The only major differences you will notice in all of these products may lie in the amount of run time each product ensures or the amount of energy packed in them or simply in their price tags.
Keeping that end in mind, we hope we have been able to give you the best review that was possible, and this article helps you find the Best trolling motor battery.
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