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Best Spinning Reel

The great thing about fishing is that it’s always enjoyable. But you can make it more fun and happen with the best spinning reel bagged into your hand. But what’s makes fishing hard is the crap fishing essentials.
You can never want to play with the wrong spinning reel. It can make your target go slip out of hand. A fishing reel is more than a reel which is mounted on a spinning rod. It’s the handiest tool used for angling and casting of the fishes.

Since you’ve come for searching the spinning reel for the money, you already know all its functionalities. So, here we’re going to grab the most effective spinning reel for making your fishing more excited and livelier. Get ready for our top rated spinning reels what we’ve selected after deep research. Best Spinning Reels Reviewed!

Best Spinning Reels Comparison

Best Spinning Reels Reviewed!

Whether you like to fish on freshwater or like to catch big fishes from the sea, Daiwa BG has a spinning reel for you. The Daiwa BG Spinning Reels have a huge size variety from 1500 to 8000. You can find your preferred size considering your comfort.

The first thing that attracts about Daiwa BG Spinning Reels is its body which is equipped with stylish a machined black-gold aluminum body. Its cover is scratch free and covers the inner parts of the reel. It is corrosion resistant, so you can use it on saltwater without worrying much. And as the day passes its surface will not going to come out because Daiwa BG’s cover is black anodized. The iodization process also gives it corrosion resistant property.

Considering the user’s comfort, Daiwa BG uses oversized gear which they refer as Digi-Gear. It is the largest gear that Daiwa has used for spinning reels. As the size increases, the gear tooth contact points also increase. The torque is increased in this process and as a result, the power is increased while also increasing the battery life. And the screw they have used in the handle is stable and gives you greater control.
All Daiwa BG spinning reel comes with 6 bearing and one extra bearing which gives the reel instant anti-reverse property. The bearings are corrosion free as they are made of stainless steel and has anti-rust properties.
A rare feature of Daiwa BG spinning reels is that braided line is accepted by its spool. The ABS spool has maximized diameter which ensures the full use of lines. It provides you with long and easier casting and you won’t have to worry about tangling your lines. It has a waterproof drag system and drag is strong enough for fishing comfortably.

Daiwa BG Spinning Reels are lighter yet sturdy. It has a unique air rotor. The air rotor is designed in such a way that it weighs almost 15% less than other air rotors. And its price is also affordable. Its users are pretty much pleased with its easy to use and lightweight quality.



Penn, the sparkling star in the industry of spinning reel which is famous for the smooth operation of its fishing reels and popular name that almost every angler knows of. Keeping different types of angler’s demand in mind Penn brought another model named Pursuit in the market.

Penn Pursuit is said to be a good choice for entry-level anglers, especially because it’s easy to use and has good controlling feature. Moreover, it is a good piece at an affordable price range. Its being ultra-lightweight is like the cherry on the top of the cake. So if you are trying to find a spinning reel good for new anglers, you can check this one.

Penn Pursuit is constructed with graphite body and its rotor is also made with graphite. To increase durability, it has a metal side plate. As it is made of graphite so you can rest assured of its being corrosion resistant. It is a useful spinning reel for saltwater anglers.

The drag system is claimed to be oil felt. That means the drag system is lubricated enough to be felt smooth while using.
The spool is machined made of anodized aluminum and users just love its smooth line release. Like other Penn spinning reels, it also has line capacity rings marked on ½, 1/3 and full. Though it holds a lot of lines, you can easily see how much line is remaining without any further trouble.
There are 4 stainless steel ball bearings used inside the Pursuit II and they play a great role for smooth retrieving of the reel. It has an instant anti-reverse feature like other Penn spinning reels. The rotor will not have a chance to back play when turning on this feature every time.
Penn Pursuit is available in five sizes from 3000 to 8000. This range generally covers almost all kind of fisheries. An Ergonomic handle is attached to every available size for use comfortability. Drag range starts from 10lbs to 25lbs. you may think the drag is lower than other models but believe me, for an entry level angler this much drag is way too comfortable than a greater drag.



A spinning reel loaded with quality features but available in affordable price – yes, it is KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reel. From entry level to professional level this spinning reel goes with every level of anglers. And their features can make an entry level angler fish like a pro and trained angler.

First of all, KastKing Summer and Centron look great and make you fall for at first glance. A stylish body with a great finish. Its spool is two colored and anodized and noticeable for high strength. It comes with a power launch lip for additional casting.
Its frame is made of narrow graphite which also makes it lightweight. Moreover, it makes the reel corrosion resistant and ready for saltwater.

KastKing Summer and Centron is a powerful spinning reel. When an angler starts to increase the drag, it becomes tough to stop and control the drag. But the drag system of this spinning reel offers an excellent stopping power which is up to
17.5 lbs. This feature will be useful especially for bigger fishes.

Come to its performance, with the much features they didn’t compromise with its performance. Smooth reeling action with powerful drag control gives it a superior touch. The computer balancing system combined with high performance makes it dope for anglers.
9 –quality ball bearing ensures its ultra-smooth performance: Bonus, an extra anti-reverse bearing to eliminate back play of rotor.
This spinning reel has premium quality inner parts. The drive gear is made of alloy. The precession pinion gear system makes it ready for every type of fish fighting against it.
Its spinning reel has a lighter in weight but stronger in action aluminum spool. It is CNC machined and it has more even line lay. The spool is able to hold a lot of lines. It has a uniquely designed handle which is left/right interchangeable.
Overall, you can hardly find such an amazing spinning reel for under 25$ and it is worth the price.



Okuma Ceymar is one of the best spinning reels under 50$. Its unique construction and design make popular among anglers. Its body is made of corrosion resistant graphite and its narrow blade body design reduces fatigue while using it. It is noticeable for its sleek design and smooth performance which all together give an amazing fishing experience.

When you are fishing for a long time, a little bit of weight can be felt like a burden. But Okuma Ceymer is lightweight enough to fish for a long time at a stretch. It is not a bulky type. It includes every feature that a spinning reel should possess but in a compact size.
The spinning reel is durable and can be used by both beginners and pros. So you can buy it without judging yourself which level of angler you are.
To create less friction and increase smoother performance Okuma Ceymar uses precision elliptical gearing system. This gearing system also increases accuracy and the life span of the spinning reel. It also helps the angler to cast from a long distance.

The Okuma Ceymar comes in 7 available model. Model no starts from C-10 which is a compact one and the only model with 6 + 1 bearing. All the other models of Okuma Ceymer have got 7 + 1 bearing. The plus one bearing is actually the anti-reverse bearing. Use it engage the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets.

This spinning reel features a cyclonic flow rotor design. It increases airflow through the ported rotor. It protects the rotor from water to get into the inner parts. Which also makes it corrosion resistant. Moreover, the reel can spin at high speed without any vibration, thanks to its rotor that features Okuma RESII computer balancing.
For better line-lay, it has a line control system on the spool. The spool is made of machine aluminum and anodized in 2-tone.
To make you ready for the epic fish battle, it comes with a zinc diecast handle. It will provide you the necessary strength and torque when needed. You will hardly find all these features compact in a spinning reel which costs less than 50$.



A legendary spinning reel from KastKing loaded with amazing features. KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III is always ready to tackle harsh saltwater and give you a great fishing experience. This is a unique baitfeeder style fishing reel. If you want you can also use it on freshwater.

The KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III comes in four model size ranging from 3000 to 6000. Its starting maximum drag is 17.6 lbs and the bigger one can get max 26.5 lbs to drag. This means Baitfeeder III is specialized in high drag pressure. So I think you can handle a good amount of drag pressure for a certain period of time. So you can choose this one because high drag enables you to get some good catches.

The drag washers which are used in Baitfeeder III are made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is especially known for its strength. The drag washers make the reel a power package to tackle every hard condition in the ocean.
The appearance of Baitfeeder III is great. It comes with a black and red color scheme. While fishing for a long, you may want to interchange the works of your both hands. Or if you happen to be a lefty, you may find other reels a bit tough to hold. But not with KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III spinning reel. Because it is equipped with a handle, the specialty of this handle is that it can be interchanged right or left.
Every model of this Baitfeeder III is equipped with 10 stainless steel ball bearing. And one extra bearing which gives it anti-reverse property.
Its CNC aluminum Shark Fin Braid Ready Spool gives it a good look. If you feel the reel is heavy, you can change the aluminum spool with a graphite one. Guess what, the reel comes with a spare high strength graphite spool.
The internal reel of the Baitfeeder has got the main shaft made of stainless steel. It has a precession matched and powerful gear ratio. Only the 3000 sizes have got a 5.1:1 gear ratio. But the rest 3 size has got a great 5.5:1 gear ratio.
This Baitfeeder III spinning reel is able to meet almost every necessity an angler would ever ask for. However, It is recommended to wash with fresh water after every saltwater use for a longer lifespan of the reel So, unless you want a lower drag this spinning reel should be in your check out the list.



If your budget is a bit high and you want more improved quality to try SHIMANO STRADIC HG. Shimano is also a popular brand name amongst anglers. Shimano is known for its durability, reliability and ultra smooth performance. And Shimano is trying hard to improve their quality day by day which is why their products are loved by anglers of all kind.

The key feature of this product is X-ship. If you have used spinning reel before you may know while angling, there can arise friction between the spool shaft and gear, which eventually hinders the smoothness of performance as well as decaying the product fast. Using this X-ship technology Shimano was able to eliminate this friction.
In addition, Shimano used Hagane gear and body. Using these latest technologies, Shimano was not only able to increase the durability but also enhanced the casting performance of the spinning reel. The casting range was also increased by this. Both inshore and offshore action got increased also.

SHIMANO STRADIC HG is available in 5 models. Drag range is available from 7 to 24lbs which gives you a bunch of option to select from. Whether you are new or pro there is a model and drag range for you. Every model equips 6 bearings and one anti-reverse bearing.

Shimano didn’t only improve the performance of the reel; they also constructed Shimano HG in such a way that your performance can also be improved. Its sleek G-free body will give you the best fishing experience because they engineered it lightweight and easy to sync with body posture so that you can use Shimano without feeling tired for a long time.



The Pflueger Supreme XT is an amazing spinning reel from Pflueger. If your budget is not so high but average and decent and you want to spend it in a good spinning reel, then check this out. This one can be the best spinning reel for you.

Firstly, Pflueger Supreme XT stands out for being too lightweight. The lightest reel of Pflueger is possessed by Supreme XT. Its body is also lightweight and rotor also doesn’t add much weight to the rod as both are made of magnesium. With carbon drag system and carbon handle makes it almost 21% lighter than aluminum.

Being lightweight doesn’t affect the performance of this Supreme XT. While reducing angler’s fatigue, this spinning reel gives a fishing experience with its smooth yet powerful drag. Its EVA handle knob makes fishing comfortable to angler whether they are pro or beginner.
The spool is braided ready. That means you can use braided lines in the spool and the braid is directly tied to the spool without a monofilament backing. It has got a smartretrive feature which guarantees high-precession line lay with each cast. It’s got a good maximum drag ranges from 8 to 14lbs.
For improving line lay and minimizing line twist, Supreme XT uses Slow Oscillation Gearing. Its silky smooth sealed drag makes the fishing experience awesome and every time you use this reel you will feel its smoothness and it will always be felt lubricated.
The uniqueness of Supreme XT is its lightweight. Other features along with this one make it the best spinning reel for anglers who fishes for a long time at a stretch.



Revo SX, a stylish yet sturdy spinning fishing reel is from Abu Gracia. With cutting-edge design and up to date features Revo SX has earned the satisfaction of anglers of all kinds. The materials used in this spinning reel are of high quality and makes it lightweight as a feather.

This spinning reel is claimed to be lighter than the previous generations of Revo SX. But the performance didn’t get hampered in this process. It just enhanced the user experience and increased the lifespan of the motor.
C6 carbon body, graphite reel with the aluminum gearbox – this combination has taken the excellence of Revo SX to another level. This will make you ready to tackle the hardest fish in the roughest fishing environment. Moreover, being lightweight it has its own benefits of reduced fatigue even after a long time of fishing.
The design of Revo SX plays a good role in its precise casting. No matter which fishing line you are using with Revo SX you can control lines better than most other reels. To deliver an even line lay the reel has got slower oscillation. Add to this; its Rocket spool Lip design ensures better casting accuracy by controlling the rate at which the lines come.
The spool is always braided ready. Braids can be directly tied to the spool and this is a hustle free procedure offered by Revo SX.
The IM-C6 design of the reel keeps neat gear alignment in every situation. Computer-optimized gear design along with AMG earing system increase durability and makes its performance smooth as butter. It will take your fishing experience to another level.
It is a great fishing reel for freshwater or inshore angling. Its corrosion resistant property adds to its versatility. The carbon matrix drag system used in this reel makes drag so smooth while also strong enough to get your fish easily.
There are 9 stainless steel bearing which takes an active part in increasing the smoothness of its performance. Of them, one is anti-reverse bearing.



Penn Spinfisher is specially designed with adventures anglers in mind who want their fishing reel can adjust with different environmental changes and give the best kind of performance every time. You can angle on lake or seawater or pond or riverside anywhere with this Penn Spinfinisher, but it will give top-notch performance everywhere.

The body of Penn Spinfinisher is constructed with metal. It increases its durability and makes it capable of enduring harsh atmosphere for a long time. The construction makes sure that you can give your spinning reel a hard time but your spinning reel won’t.
The frame of Spinfinisher is claimed to be watertight and drag system and gearbox are well protected from water and sand. That means even if you are using this spinning reel on the ocean, saltwater will not be able to enter its internal parts and start corrosion.
Three high-performance HT-100 drag washer which is equipped by the Spinfinisher ensures smooth reeling action. Each of its drag washers is treated with an exclusive grease so that you can feel its smoothness.
With smooth reeling action Spinfinisher spinning reel provides extreme drag range. It’s maximum drag range starts with 20lbs and depending on model number it can be reached to 40lbs. Its versatility of drag range helps you to choose your spinning reel depending on which type of fish you are going to catch.
There is a drag knob of large diameter is added with the drag system which allows you to gain Spinfinisher’s maximum drag continuously and smoothly. It also cut downs the risk of line breakage while cranking down to max drag.

To achieve your desired range, Spinfinisher has friction trip ramp. When you cast, there is a chance of your bail to trip impulsively with other spinning reels, but not with Spinfinisher. It gives you your preferred range with exact accuracy and allows you to cast at long ranges.

All sizes of Penn Spinfinishers are equipped with 6 bearing. All bearings are made with stainless steel. Its 5 bearings ensure noise-free smooth operation. The last is instance anti-reverse bearing. The anti-reverse bearing prevents its rotor from back playing when you set it. It allows you to concentrate on fishing more than holding the hook.
Come to the spool; you can use a braided line without any monofilament backing. When pressure arises, it is not rare for the Superline slip from its place. The spool is fitted with a rubber gasket to prevent the superline from slipping. And for a quick glance of the remaining line its line capacity ring is marked at 1/3, ½ and full.
Customers who bought Penn Spinfinisher are quite satisfied with its performance. Some even included that they chose Spinfinisher for shark fishing. So its smooth reeling action and great performance actually worth its price.



Another great spinning reel from Penn. Penn Battle II is always ready for the harshest saltwater conditions. Such a sturdy piece from Penn! It is claimed to be crafted with durable matters. So, Battle II is also remarkable for its nonstop service year after year.

This Battle II is specially made for saltwater. So, it is an ideal piece to choice if you are going to sea to catch some awesome, aggressive and big fishes.
The Battle II is equipped with high-performance HT-100 drag washes which are made of carbon fiber strengthens its drag and enhances the smoothness of operation.
Cranking with Battle II is smooth as fluid thanks to its 5 bearing which are made of stainless steel. The bearings are sealed from outside so that it won’t get in touch with saltwater. The 6th bearing gives the reel an instant anti-reverse property.
The spool is always ready to accept braided lines and it requires no backing. You can check how much line is still remaining from its line capacity ring which is marked at 1/3, 13 and full.
When you are fishing on windy weather on the ocean, a little bit weight of your spinning reel may seem to be heavy to control for you. To eradicate this problem manufacturers made it durable but lightweight materials, so you can fish on wherever you want with the least obstacles from your spinning reel.
Battle II spinning reel is well built and made of top quality materials. This spinning reel suits for adventures anglers who rarely fish without considering the water condition much than people who fish regularly.
The handle of Battle II is well designed and the bail closes smoothly. When you use it, you will be able to feel the difference and it feels so nice and comfortable to use it. It will act as a companion when you go fishing and its durability will enable you to catch different types of fishes both in saltwater and freshwater.



Things you should have an idea on before buying a spinning reel:

things you should have an idea

1. Matched reel size with the rod:

If the reel you bought doesn’t match with the size of your rod, you may end up not being able to angle comfortably. Choose the correct size of the spinning reel. Spinning reels are found as size 325 or 2500, 30 or 3000. 

These depend on the manufacturer. However, you may find from size 1000 to 10500. The least sized reel works well for 6-7 foot rod. As the size increases the rod size also needs to be increased.

2. The water where you are going to angle:

Know where you are mostly going to fish; especially the water type – is it saltwater or freshwater? If you are mainly going to fish on lake, river or pond, you can choose a freshwater spinning reel but if it is saltwater you can’t use the same spinning reel because saltwater contains different metal salts which may be responsible for the corrosion of the spinning reel. 

Saltwater reels can be used in freshwater also. But they are pricier than the freshwater one because they are made with corrosion resistant materials and ready to tackle any rude ocean climate. It is recommended to wash all spinning reel with freshwater after every saltwater use for a better lifespan of the reel.

3. The general size of the fish you are going to catch:

Not everyone targets big fish every time. It is recommended to find the general size of fish that you are mostly going to catch. 

It matters because if you mainly use a rod and spinning reel that can load near 6-10kg and you happen to catch fish mostly over 15kg, then your spinning reel can damage sooner than expected.

4. Drag System:

Though the amount of drag pressure is not the same for all anglers, it is generally suggested not to get a spinning reel with the maximum drag. Because it is not like that more drag only help you to catch big fish. 

It is not easy to handle a greater drag alone for a long time. A 15-18lb drag is enough for normal people. So, get a spinning reel with drag as much as you can handle.

5. Line Capacity:

The longer and sturdy line helps you to fish in a big area without moving yourself. But if you are not that type of angler who sits on the river bank or pond side and wait for the fish to take the bait longer line you may not need a bigger line.

Because if you use your boat for fishing in the middle of the sea, you can just move your boat near to your fishing spot.

6. Bearing System:

Bearings are added to a spinning reel for smoother application of the reel. It can be made of stainless steel or ceramic. 

If you are going to fish on saltwater get one with the ceramic bearing system because ceramic bearings have corrosion resistant property. If you heard noise from bearings or feel them vibrating a lot, it may indicate poor quality bearings.

7. Anti-Reverse System:

It can happen sometimes that the line comes off the reel. So, your striking can’t go wrong while the handle and bail make the spinning go reverse. But be alert to turn it off, as it can make the directions in both and cause the reel to get a hit. So, it’s better to use the anti-reverse system.

8. Reel Bearings:

There are bearings in the reel which is the most crucial thing to look for. If the quality of the bearings isn’t good enough, the reel isn’t going to make the long run with you. Most of the rings are manufactured by stainless steel. Nowadays, ceramic rings are also in trend.
So, what will you opt for? Though stainless-steel bearings are durable and flexible to use for the longer days. But ceramic bearings add the corrosion resistance which is a unique feature.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the right size of a spinning reel to get started?

There are available sizes of the spinning reels are 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and so-on. So, you need to know what these numbers mean actually. The bigger the number indicates the bigger size.
So, you need to know what’s your basic reel requirement. Since the 1000 reel only can go for normal fishing. But while you need deep-water fishing like in the sea or river, you need the 2000-3000-reel series.

2. How to spool spinning reel correctly?

Some go for the professional hand for spooling reel correctly. But still, that doesn’t offer the best durability sometimes. So, you can make the spool following some effective tips.

3. What is the most reliable spinning reel?

There is no spinning reel coming directly from the manufacturer. You’ve to spend not only your money but also some check out ability. If you can make the best selection following your requirements, every spinning reel you choose will be the best one.

4: What is better- pricey or cheap?

Every spinning reel that you get should satisfy you in terms of your fishing needs. But the price doesn’t matter. Sometimes, a very low pricey reel can serve you for years and years without any fault.


We’re at the end of our best spinning reel reviews. Did you make out your decision to choose the spinning reel for you? Well, all the spinning reels reviewed here came along with the best necessary features that a professional fisherman needs. The budget is a myth. You can get your desired features and advantages of a spinning reel at a very affordable price even.
It’s totally up to you. Only you know what you need and what can make your fishing experience satisfying. If you still can’t make a decision, check out our buying guide and FAQ section and see which things can make your needs fulfilled.

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