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Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews 2022 with Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy a saltwater fishing reel? But don’t have much knowledge on them? Or, you are merely having trouble choosing the right one out of the crowd?

Some expert fishermen and even anglers on a beginning stage prefer fishing with spinning reels. Why? Most likely, because spinning reels are very simple.

How about in terms of efficiency and ease of use? Then spinning reels even remain powerful for light-line applications and accuracy technologies. Do you have little knowledge over how a spinning reel performs? Finding the right spinning reel for your requirements will not be easy then.

Even the instruction booklet which comes with the product can confuse you! Keep reading ahead through the following buying guide to picking up some valuable tips on finding the best saltwater spinning reels.

Quick Pick: Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

  1. KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel – best saltwater spinning reels for the money
  2. Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel – best inshore saltwater spinning reel
  3. Penn Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reelbest lightweight saltwater spinning reel
  4. KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder Spinning Reelbest budget saltwater spinning reel

Top 5 Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews

1. KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel

kastking sharky III fishing reel
We all have heard of KastKing company’s existing positive reviews! After the fantastic experience with Sharky’s previous versions, they stepped up their game! Now the exceptional KastKing Sharky III is the right talented fishing reel that can control any creature.

This spinning reel is a perfect blend that gives it immense power. You will need this power when tackling bigger-sized fish. That’s why it is considered as a good saltwater spinning reel that gives you value for the money.

This KastKing Sharky spinning reel has approximately 40 lbs. of carbon fiber with three times the number of discs. The steel bearings are shielded from rust and stains and work great.

The aluminum spool and brass gear are made up of durable manganese alloy. This helps to maintain precision. The fibers and an extra-large gear ratio of stainless steel, sum up this ideal spinning rod. KastKing fishing reel is a combination of high productivity and simplicity. The reel also acts like a life-savior in a budget crisis. Fishing with it will only feel enjoyable. Your money and energy will be saved too!


The latest KastKing Sharky spinning reels are constructed steadily. In such a way that it reaches all sized fish in every water body. What makes them weightless? They have a high percentage of fiber and graphite in rotors.

Gear stability:

The reel includes a holding capacity of 18 kilograms of three times the number of disc fiber drags made up of carbon! The main shaft is large and made up of stainless steel. The brass gears are built from an alloy of manganese. They secure more fishing stability.


Sharky spinning reels carry a distinct safety design. An intrusive shield system. This makes the spool and gears resistant to water. It also helps keep away dirt particles from settling on the surface.

Sturdy handle:

The spool handle is built of aluminum. It gives a smooth and comfortable experience while using it. The cherry on top – you don’t have to use the backing line anymore when spooling on the braid fishing line.


There is an irreversible instant lock system to increase convenience when fishing. Not only the ball bearing, but the hardware also is made up of stainless steel. This feature allows the fishing reel to have more line capacity compared to ordinary brands.


  • High durability
  • Sturdy material
  • Fishing stability
  • Stain-resistant
  • Long productivity


  • Rough surface
  • Makes clinking sounds

2. Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel

daiwa bg saltwater spinning reel
This thing is a legend! Hats off to this best quality reel you will ever find under $100. Therefore, it’s one of the best budget saltwater spinning reel ever. The manufacturer could have easily doubled the price, and it still would be a bargain!

This series of spinning reels were first introduced in 1981 and lives on this day! Daiwa BG reels are relatively cheap and affordable.

This reel has an excellent smooth drag, making it suitable for both inshore and offshore fishing. It offers a wide range of sizes.

From beach fishing to offshore fishing and even light tackle inshore fishing – this spinning reel is a pro at all terms! Would you prefer a slack fishing spool for your spinning reel? Never. That would make you lose big fish!

With the Daiwa BG fishing reel around, you don’t have to worry over losing bigger-sized fish! It has excellent drag capacity as well. The beautiful color combination will surely blow your mind off. Its high line capacity is just another wow factor!

High durability:

Daiwa BG is fitted in a stainless-steel shell. Aluminum is used to design the body cover. Hence, providing the strength and durability of the internal component. Daiwa has kept the frame and ground in the dark cover. This cover helps to improve the intensity in the form of rust and scrape resistance.

Strong Resistance:

The oxidation method allows higher conductivity to the brass. Don’t you worry, it does not scratch or crack like a finished board? Thus, enhancing the reel’s dazzling look.

Sturdy features:

The latest Daiwa BG spinning reel models also introduced the most significant drive gear the company has ever manufactured! The advantage of keeping this extra-large gear increases gear-tooth connection points. This feature provides slicker and longer gear life. And greater flexibility and engine power.

Durable handle:

The lock-in-Handle system from Daiwa offers minimal motion. Where? Between the pinion shaft and grips! This lack of engagement gives the angler confidence. Along with that, gives you full command over the rotation of the handle.

Convenient use:

The Air Rotor weighs less than conventional rotor designs by up to 15 percent. Its unique design removes excessive weight. While, for optimum power, spreading tension more uniformly around the rotor.

Hassle-free fishing:

The center diameter of the ABS spool is extensive. And the inverted taper implies a good line of full efficiency. You may fill it up to the edge of the spool lip with the front. And guess what? With no fear of loops! For quicker and faster casting, ABS produces less casting frictions.

Smooth consistency:

For bigger coils, the extensive spool diameter thread runs naturally. Hence, creating less thread memory coils. The narrower width of the spool frequently ensures that the line keeps flowing through the tighter curls.


  • Anti-reverse lock system
  • High productivity
  • Simple and easy usage
  • Great drag power
  • Good line capacity


  • Bail may not flip over
  • Unstable drag

3. KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III

kasting sharky baitfeeder
KastKing is back once more! They are all the better than ever! KastKing Sharky plays a significant role in the bait feeder fishing scene! Just like the previous spinning reel we mentioned from the same brand!

Sharky bait feeder III highlights in total eleven protected metal balls. All are built up of stainless steel. So, there’s no scope for you to worry about rust and all that!

How about the carbon fiber front drags? An ultimate drag power of around 27 lbs is available. The exclusive brass and gear quality are sure to impress you! Also, high-quality drag washers are made up of carbon fiber.

They help to supply immense strength. The material is lightweight. At this range, it’s one of the best saltwater spinning reel for the money. No matter if you are going to fish in saltwater or fresh, you will feel comfortable everywhere.

Design quality:

The new KastKing Sharky bait feeder III is a classy fishing reel. From its premium built to the smart design, everything is wow factors. The iconic front and back drag gears ensure high productivity. The cherry on the top – suitable for fishing in freshwater and also in saltwater.


Sharky III fishing reel fits in with more than ten ball bearings. All are reinforced with stainless steel. A gear ratio of 6:1 is the measurement to maintain the gears made of brass. It also includes a drive shaft for convenient efficiency.

Drag power:

Sharky spinning reels with a bait feeding style have drag washers. All with a maximum of 12 Kg drag power. They are carbon fiber. They ensure a smooth experience while tackling big fishes.

High resistance:

The KastKing reel includes a Shark Fin Braid Designed Spool in CNC aluminum. This feature has a corrosion-free graphite structure of high modulus. Even a powered computerized rotor. It also comes with a graphite spool with high resistance spare.

Ease of use:

KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III also has a red and black color theme. It has an exchangeable handle. And it will fit both your left or right hand. This safe T-handle is featured to ensure the high performance of the spinning reel.


  • Long-lasting material
  • Unique design
  • High resistance spare
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Great drag power


  • Does cranking sounds
  • Sound gears are grinding

4. Penn Battle II Fishing Reel

penn battle fishing reel
Want to catch tuna or a fish as big as that? Then prepare yourself with the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel!  Then prepare yourself with the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel!  which is one of the best saltwater fishing reels. For even the most challenging fights at saltwater while catching big fish.

This saltwater fishing reel is made from sturdy materials. This modern technology will help you capture fish season after season.

Each component is aimed to support you grab your catch! Even the full metal body and rotor to the ball bearings. The HT-100 Versa-Drag is the premium carbon fiber mechanism of the reel. It holds all parts of each drag washer to produce total friction.

The immediate anti-reverse bearings prevent pullback. You will be able to reel without any problems. The drag washers are likewise handled with limited grease. This is to ensure long-lasting durability.

The spool has been designed with a rubber gasket. This gasket stops the Superline from moving under pressure.

Meaning, that fishers may use a coiled line without a rear. And the spool shows how much line is available due to its line power circles.

Shield system:

When you set up the line, there’s an immediate anti-reverse lock system. It prevents the final play on the rotor. This is done by the usage of a one direction bearing in the construction of the string.

Efficient function:

The Penn Combat II requires an extremely high duty bail wire. Also, they should be able to carry the passage of time and not stretch for more extended periods. It is critical because a curved bail can result in reduced line service.

High resistance:

The paint’s quality level defends the reel against seawater spray and pollutants. The reel now won’t rust when exposed to saltwater. In the previous version, this was a severe issue. It’s good to see that the company listens to its customers’ suggestions and has solved it.

Extra safety:

There are also multiple ball bearings produced from stainless steel. That’s the same amount of bearings as in the previous edition of the loop. Except now, they are stainless steel. This provides extra safety against seawater rust.

Sturdy durability:

The Penn Battle II has a complete body of alloy. So have the side plate and rotor. That also ensures everything just won’t bend under the weight of bigger fish. And can handle constant usage even on a tour boat.

Ease of use:

The Penn Combat II requires an extremely high duty bail wire. The wire should be able to bear the passing of time and not stretch for a lengthy time.

It is critical because a curved bail can result in reduced line service. A keyed washer is used in the rotating reel too. All ends of the machine have displayed a consistent drag while raising the possible drag force by 20%.


  • Long durability
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Anti-reverse lock system
  • Sturdy material
  • Five ball gearings


  • Not fully sealed
  • A bit heavy

5. Valiant Eagle Edition by KastKing

valiant eagle edition fishing reel
This KastKing spinning reel is yet another sturdy aluminum reel! What makes it unique? It has a metal spool designed to catch some big fish! In foreign culture, an eagle symbolizes American independence and energy.

Similarly, the new Valiant Eagle spinning reel is symbolic of KastKing’s consistency, creativity, and sustainability. For this reason, it’s right up there among the best saltwater spinning reels available.

This spinning reel is unique to the KastKing series that works excellent in saltwater and fishing in freshwater. But we are sure it will impress fishing anglers from sea to sea.

Do you want to keep catching big fish for a more extended period? Then you’ll be glad to know this reel has a 10 + 1 bearing device! A maximum of 22lbs of drag capacity is there too.

The premium brass gears along with carbon fiber drag are also resistant to corrosion. This helps decrease the possible damage effects of rust from saltwater onto your fishing equipment.

Exceptional strength:

The covered ball bearings are built of stainless steel. This feature helps collect parts that are designed for protection. A shield to survive the extreme wear of saltwater fishing.

The low gear ratio could almost drag a jeep out of a mud puddle. All of that without any corrosion. KastKing put some effort into the hardware and eventually created the most durable spinning reel below $50.

Quality service:

A 6:1 gear ratio will easily attract much big fish near your boat! You will quickly pick up overline to create another cast when the time is reduced. A broad gear shaft is ensured for continuous quality service. The stabilizer rod also never sacrifices consistency and durable efficiency.

Smooth consistency:

The series altogether includes 11 ball bearings made up of stainless steel. These offer super smooth functioning and constant improvement. Fishing reel’s spool has a machined CNC from aluminum aircraft.

And further anodized for texture and superior efficiency. Emerald Eagle Edition is using an improved graphite frame and rotor. What do they do? Increase quality!

High protection:

Do you regularly want long casts? Then there is a PPL control system ensured for you. This reel is, therefore, perfect for fishing in saltwater. What makes our carbon drag unique?

It is shielded and waterproof. It keeps them secure to deliver sharp, steady, and effective drag pressure even when you are handling large trouts.

Smart handling:

KastKing understands that a good handle in large spinning reels is a crucial part. That’s why they included an aluminum handle. A flexible EVA handle knob is attached.

It will feel exceptionally comfy even if it stays in the water for days. It also gives fishers additional flexibility. Hence, having absolute authority in all climate conditions! Even when you are hunting and catching big fish.


  • Long-lasting
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Flexibility
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Suitable inshore and offshore


  • Short rod length
  • A little more significant than the line size

Here we tried to find out the most used products besides best budget saltwater spinning reel on the market.

What to Consider When Buying The Best Saltwater Spinning Reels?

saltwater spinning reel review

To choose the right fishing reel, a person should look up to its rod and reel. The price of a coil can vary by its features, style, and warranty. There are many brands around us, but we should choose the right one.

A rod’s length will usually measure in feet or sometimes centimeters. Make sure it matches with their weight. Both should be balanced. A perfectly balanced fishing rod decreases fishermen’s stress. The balanced rod is more comfortable to handle for a long time.

If someone is aiming smaller fish, a 500 to 1000 size reel would be perfect. If the coil is more significant than the line size, then it will lose its actual working ability.

Generally, a person doesn’t need 400 yards of 61b line for catching fish. A 2-4-pound size reel is perfect for the fishing line. A 6 to 7 feet rod will be enough to cover long distances. One should make sure the rod is rated by its lure and line size.

We suggest you should examine a few criteria when selecting the best-rated spinning reel to purchase. For example, what species of fish do you want to catch?

Are you willing to fish regularly or only on special occasions? Do you want to go fishing in seawater? Or do you prefer fishing in freshwater? What should be your minimum budget to be able to buy a quality spinning reel? Keep reading ahead to find out! Hope these things also can help you to find out the exact one besides saltwater spinning reel reviews.

Suitable water pH

A very significant and critical factor to consider when choosing a fishing reel is the source of water! Where do you want to go fishing? Brine or salty environments typically need a decently-built reel instead of the reels required to fish in freshwater.

If you want to fish in saltwater, you should opt for spinning reels resistant to corrosion. You can go for reels of stainless steel. Some markets sell good quality spinning reels of anodized aluminum.

Such reels are built to deal with big-sized fish, which are challenging to win against. This is why seawater reels are much more costly than the ones needed for fishing in freshwater.

Type of fish size

When choosing a spinning reel, another significant aspect that you should keep in mind is the category of fish you feel like you want to catch more regularly. This way, you’ll be able to apprehend what sort of spinning reel should you consider giving a try!

Now ask yourself a question – do you want to fish in saltwater? If your answer is no, then you don’t need to bother much over the resistance of your reel – if it will destroy quickly later or not.

Are you more interested in fishing in blue freshwater and catching big fish? Then you need a reel that has high line capacity and at least 17lbs drag power to keep your fishing going.

Make sure you think through which type of fish you want to catch. Based on that, then choose a reel.

Ideal Line Capacity

Next question – should the reel line flexibility be a significant aspect to consider when selecting a spinning reel? The answer is, yes, of course! The line’s ability depends on a few factors, such as the form and shape of the line.

Also, the kind of fish species you want to catch along with the water body source you want to fish in – all play prominent roles!

When you intend to fish in your local lake stream or creeks, you don’t need a high line space. Now, what if the lake where you want to go fishing has too many rocks or pebbles?

Will that disrupt your fishing? Yes, it may. In that case, you’ll require a spinning reel that is more sturdy and tough to withstand wear and damage.

However, if you want to fish overseas, you will need a stricter line with greater line length and more extensive reel to handle it. You’ll also need a sturdy spinning rod to increase your chances of catching big trouts.

Strength VS Velocity

No matter even if you’re aiming for line retrieve or shaft control, it’s necessary to pick the right fishing reel with the perfect pinion gear. Gear ratio displays the number of spins a spool can create with one lever revolt.

Unlike the gears on a wheel, a low gear ratio provides greater revving strength but involves further switch turns. Nonetheless, if you are looking for quicker recovery time, it is best to have a more substantial gear ratio.

Spinning high-end seawater fishing reels deliver the best of both worlds. They come fitted with a two-speed shifter knob that enables fast switching between quick take-up and churning.

Unlike the shifts on a wheel, a lower gear ratio provides greater cranking strength but needs further control spins. Nonetheless, if you are looking for quicker recovery time, it is best to have a larger pinion gear.

Choosing The Best Spool Braid

You should always care about the kind of spool bread should you choose for your reel. In the markets, you’ll come across many fishing lines that are made up of fluorocarbon.

Some shops even sell imported tracks that are braided. Another very common spool braid available is the one that has monofilament material. Now you may get confused – which one to go for?

We recommend going for the braided lines. They are more sturdy compared to the others, as well as lasts for years.

But keep one thing in mind; every type of reel commonly available in markets are good enough to control braided lines. This is because ordinary graphite reels or the ones made up of average aluminum are not so classy and magnificent.

That’s why you should opt for a reel with a braid with it already, without you attaching one separately! If your reel is welded through a gasket made of rubber, the then high chances are that your reel will avoid the braided line from dropping onto the spindle.

Every Inch Matters!

Do the ball bearings consist of a standard built? Which materials are well-equilibrated gears made? Were the gears cut to accuracy? When making a buying decision, the electrolytic capacitors of a spinning reel are a crucial aspect to focus on.

A reel with decent quality electrical connections will surpass a reel with poorly made components. What’s more, you will be able to use the reel for years.

Ball Bearings or bushings?

Gears are among a spinning reel’s very critical facets, as they determine a reel’s texture. Almost all reels are therefore fitted with bearings. Many affordable entrance-level reels come with the bushing because they are quick and straightforward to manufacture, and do not involve much servicing.

Premium reels moreover, work with reinforced ball bearings that guarantee the safe flow of the reel on high weights. Having a decent wood dowels reel would best represent you in the medium to long term.

How does a fishing reel work?

The mechanisms that enclose the operation of the reel for fishing are complex, from how the collection of the line is operated to the gears and internal structure that make up every part of the fishing reel.

That is why you need to understand what a reel really is like inside, how its parts fit together and how you can take care of and keep the reel parts in perfect condition for longer life.

There are indeed many moving parts inside the reel and they are abused by the use and deterioration of the saltpeter in the saltwater areas.

Therefore, it is essential to use antioxidant materials and very resistant to corrosion, as it may be the aluminum, graphite, or stainless steel.

Necessary Factors To Look At While Buying A Good saltwater spinning reel

Capacity Coil

It is a factor that is given by the number of meters of thread that your spool is capable of storing. The coil has limited capacity.

And, depending on the thickness of the line used, it can hold more or fewer meters of line. This characteristic is reflected with two figures, which are the following à (mmm)Let’s give some examples:

  • 0.35 / 400 – indicates that you can fill the coil with 400 m of 0.35 mm diameter fishing line.
  • 0.40 / 300 – in this case, it would indicate that, for a wire with a diameter of 0.40 mm, the spool would fit 300 meters.
  • 0.50 / 200 – Finally, for a 0.50 mm thick thread, you can store 200 meters, in your spool.

As can be seen in these examples, the figures are inversely proportional. That is to say, the smaller the thickness or diameter, the greater the amount of thread or line. And, the greater the thickness or diameter, the less thread would fit on our spool.

Note: on some reels, these figures are given in pounds/yards (Lb-Yds), they indicate the same but in other metric units.

Reel Ratio

It is one of the most important factors on a reel. In other words, it is called as “GEAR RATIO”.

What’s it? Well, it indicates the number of turns that the coil makes for each turn of the crank or, which is equivalent to, the speed of collection and/or recovery of our line or line, with the line housed in the coil.

It is expressed with a division in which:

  • The first number indicates the number of spins the reel will make and the second number shows the turns that our crank will make.

From a mechanical point of view, this characteristic is defined by the number of teeth that the main transmission gear has divided by the number of teeth that the smallest gear has. 

Let’s take an example:

  • If you have a main shaft with 72 teeth and a smaller one with 12 teeth, they will have a 6: 1 ratio.
  •  There are reels with different “gear ratio”, some are smaller and others larger. (4.3: 1 – 7.1: 1 – 6.4: 1 – 5: 1 – etc.)


Brake’s function is to prevent the thread from breaking. Mainly, when you are fighting with a big catch at the time of collection.

This mechanism works through a lever or screw-type pressure on a group of washers. The higher the pressure, the greater the drag resistance.

In principle, higher braking power would indicate that you can catch larger fish without fear of breaking the line.

This element is vitally important since, when capturing a large piece, the line could break and lose it. Big fish exert a lot of pressure when hooking on the hook. The survival instinct makes these fish try to flee to the bottom.

You can imagine the force that a 10 kg dentex will have, for example, to stretch the line. And get the thread off the spool.

If we did not have the brake system, it is most likely that, at the first pull of the fish, the line would split. Consequently, you would lose the piece. So, REMEMBER, it’s an important factor to look at!

Reel Size

In general, the reels have a nomenclature and, the manufacturers, usually use numbers at the end that can go from 1000, through 3000, and up to 12000. It is easy to guess that, the larger the number, the larger the reel will be.

Depending on the type of fishing you want to do, you can choose one measure or another. Generally, the larger ones are usually used for modalities in which you will need more power and a greater amount of line, such as deep-sea fishing.

For example, for tuna fishing reels with capacities of around 600 meters or even more is recommended. So, you can uderstand how much importance it has while choosing the best saltwater spinning reels.

Besides, you must also bear in mind that they have to be lighter to be able to withstand long days in which you will launch our lures or baits many times.


Do expert bass fishermen prefer spinning reels?

Even though baitcasting reels are overrated for bass fishing, many professionals prefer tackling big fish using spinning reels.

Can spinning reels cast further away in water than baitcasting reels?

It depends on the fisherman’s skills if he can appropriately set the pools and braided lines he can cover very long distances.

Can fish detect the braided lines of the reel underwater?

The braided lines of the spinning reel are mostly visible on the water’s surface and primarily invisible to fish underwater.

Does a 7-inch rod become too big for fishing using a spinning reel?

Well, if you want to cast more exceptional baits more accurately to further distance in the water, it may come useful!

Wrapping Up

Last but not least, each spinning reel from our suggestion list is of premium quality. Each has its unique features, benefits and quality standards. Before you purchase best saltwater spinning reels, make sure to seek the opinion of experts.

Also, go through a bunch of saltwater spinning reel reviews and ratings to have a clearer understanding! Take advice from people who have been fishing for years.

You can research the different spinning reels through the internet too. Gathering some background knowledge before going to buy will help you identify the best one. Happy Fishing!

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