Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels for 2022 – Expert’s Reviews

Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels

If you are into fishing, you may be heard about baitcaster or baitcasting reel.  Baitcasting is a cool fishing method that is mostly used by mid to pro-level anglers. Because baitcasters provide the ultimate thrills of fishing in deep water. For this method, two things are an absolute necessity. A baitcasting rod and a baitcasting reel. Unlike other fishing reels, baitcasting reels are mounted on the top of the fishing rods. Using the baitcasting method, you can easily fish in deep water, even in the sea. For this, they should be made in such a way that saltwater cause no harm and corrosion-resistant. To know about the best saltwater baitcasting reels, I hope this article will be a good help.

Why choosing Baitcasting reel:

Baitcasting is a fishing technique that needs a little practice to get used to with it. That’s why it is said to be for mid to advanced level anglers. If you are not satisfied with regular fishing and want to get the thrill of deep saltwater fishing or want to catch big fishes, yes, it is the baitcasting fishing method that can satisfy you. And a baitcasting reel is a need for this.There are so many benefits of baitcasting reels. They are used for various fishing tricks and game fishing, which makes them very popular amongst anglers. Let me give you some examples-

Best saltwater baitcasting reels reviewed!

Here are the five best saltwater baitcasting reels that you are looking for. They have been chosen over many other reels for quality to give you the best performance.

kastking speed demon

The KastKing Speed Demon lives its name. It has a high-speed gear ratio of 9.3:1, which makes it the ultimate tournament-ready baitcasting reel. It gives you the right precession and accuracy while angling.With great speed, it is also comfortable to use. Its carbon fiber body makes it lightweight and extremely durable at the same time. It has a super polymer golf-style handle grip to ensure the perfect grip, .which is also comfortable to use.

Both mono and the braided line can be used with this reel. Its monoline capacity is 12/160 and 14/140 (lb/yds), and braid line capacity is 50/160 and 60/125(lb/yds). As the thickness of the line increases, the length (yard) will decrease.A total 13, stainless steel and double-shielded ball bearings are used in this reel to ensure smooth, steady, and quiet performance. Its spool is made of anodized CNC aluminum, which is corrosion resistant and makes it perfect for saltwater.

The Trilateral Magnetic braking system uses nine magnets, which makes it tournament ready. It provides unlimited adjustments in all conditions and all sizes of baits, either heavy or light, without compromising with the performance.

The KastKing Demon is made for high speed and increased casting range, seamless performance without any noise. For this, the baitcasting reel uses a unique split main shaft. This shaft supports the spool on both sides with high speed. If you are a left-handed person, fear not. This demon reel comes in both left and right-handed versions. Use this reel with a KastKing Demon pro baitcasting rod to get the ultimate fishing thrill.

Analyzing other user reviews, it is also clear that people use this fishing reel, love this. Some great reviews ensure that this reel has made satisfied all baitcasting fishing lovers and makes it one of the best saltwater baitcasting reels.

kastking megajaws baitcasting reel

Another heavy-duty baitcasting reel from KastKing, the MegaJaws. It comes in 4 different gear ratios 5.4:1, 6.6:1, 7.2:1, and the fastest retrieval rate of 9.1:1. The good thing is, it is color-coded, and by seeing the color, you can tell its gear ratio. Multiple gear ratios let you choose among which type of reel you want to get. The shark inspires the MegaJaws series. Always ready for the tournament and can be used both in saltwater and freshwater.

The MegaJaws baitcasting reel comes with 11+1 stainless steel, double shielded, and high-performance ball bearing. The ball bearing ensures smooth performance and retrieval of the reel. The main and pinion gear is durable as it is made with manganese brass. Its worm gear is made of nickel coated brass. The overall structure is strong and ensures a long life span of the motor.

Now coming to its performance, it delivers high drag power (max 17.6lbs), so you can fish in the toughest water condition and catch the largest game fish. Thanks to its carbon fiber drag washers, which reduces the frustration and inconsistency drag tension and delivers the finest performance.

Who likes backlashes and overruns while fishing? MegaJaws has a braking system consisting of 8 magnets. Its ten levels of control mechanism give you the control to fish with any size of baits without any problem.

Its funnel-shaped guideline gives a wider angle so that the lines can pass through smoothly without friction. Moreover, the spool tension knob has a click adjustment stops that give you better control over the speed to increased distance. So, no chance of overruns and backlashes.

Overall its lightweight graphite body, comfortable rubber cork handle knobs, and CNC aluminum spool enable you to fish all day long without being uncomforted.

sougayilang baitcasting fishing reel

The Sougayilang round baitcasting reel is a new generation baitcasting reel. It has a rigid all-metal body look. The body is colored in red and black color, which feels matte and looks great. Its low profile look will impress you at first glance. This one is kinda lower in price than the previous three. So, if you want something more budget-friendly, you can go for it. But in quality, it didn’t compromise at all, and you will never regret having it. This baitcasting reel comes with five years of after-sale service. So, you can be relieved of its quality.

It has 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings that perform their job perfectly and gives you noise-free operation. The wheels rotate smoothly. Its handle or rock-arm has a black metal look and very comfortable to use.Its brass sprocket has anti-corrosion properties, which makes it durable. It has a carbon fiber brake pad. It makes the braking curve smooth. It’s aluminum alloy deep-line cup increases the installed capacity.

There is a star-shaped unloading wrench located under its L-shaped crank handle and used to extend the handle firmly. Its non-slip EVA handle improves the swing performance and makes the reel easy to use.This fishing reel has a speed ratio of 5.6:1. So you don’t have any option to choose in gear speed. Looking at its overall performance, it is one of the best baitcasting reels for the money.

piscifun salis trolling reel

The Piscifun X Trolling reel is a heavy-duty and powerful saltwater baitcasting reel. If you are finding something for bottom fishing with some exclusive features, then I will highly recommend you to try this one. The Sails X reel offers the best design features and performance. Its whole unmatched specification makes it the most durable beast in fishing. Its durable graphite frame and side plates make it lighter. The stainless steel handle makes it ready for all types of gamefish in any water condition.

This Trolling reel comes in two variations, and the good news is that both versions are available in both left and right-hand version. The two models of Piscifun Sails are 3000 and 5000. Both models have the same gear ratio of 6.2:1, which is good enough for tackling big fishes. The precise Japnese Hamai Cut Gearing system is used for providing consistent performance even after using several times. 

The 5000 model has a max drag of 37lbs where the 3000model has 26lbs drag, thanks to the top-class carbon fiber washers used in both models. The weight is also nice and bearable. The 3000 model weighs 25.7 ozs, and 5000 model weights 35.6 ozs.

The most attracting feature of this reel is its line retrieval rate. The 3000 model can retrieve 39 inches, and the 5000 model can retrieve 40 inches of line per turn. Their line capacity is also very good. Its aluminum spool is braid ready. So, you can use braided lines in it, eliminating mono backing.

Its Linkage Line wind offers smooth and uniform line release. The reel comes with a sensitive bait-clicker that notifies you when a fish is hooked. There is a line release switch that allows you to get the engage or disengage status easily.

Sails X is built for strength. Its stainless steel riveting reel foot offers improved stability when struggling against the big fishes. The 5000 model comes with earplugs for connecting straps if necessary.

All these unique features are hard to find in one reel. So, the price is also a little bit higher than the others mentioned previously. I will recommend using the 5000 one because it has better features and it is not a bad deal to get better features using only 10$ more.
johncoo titan baitcasting reel

JOHNCOO Titan Baitcasting reel is a low profile baitcasting reel that does its job. It is lightweight but durable. Its body is made of aluminum and has a graphite side cover. It is corrosion-resistant. So, it can be used both in saltwater and freshwater. Its weight is 9.9 ozs or 282 grams, which feels light. So, you can fish with it all day long without tiring your arm.

This Titan baitcasting reel can hold a lot of lines. Its line capacity is 0.33/200 0.38/150 (mm/M). So, you can cast at a long distance with it. It is designed in such a way that the line guide doesn’t move during a cast. So, it should remain at the center while casting to make it work well.

This baitcasting reel looks good. With 11+1 ball bearings, it casts smoothly. It looks unique and compact. So, many people are attracted at first glance.Its gear ratio is 7.1:1, which is decent. It has a good amount of drag power, which is 28lbs or 13kgs. You can easily catch 8-30lbs fishes with it. It has bait-clicker. Some people have complained about the bait-clicker being weak and loud. But it is sensitive enough.

This Titan baitcasting reel’s spool is made of CNC Machined Aluminum, which is similar to the previous two. The spool is large and can hold a lot of lines. The price is also similar to the previous two. Overall it is a good baitcasting reel.


Things to know before buying a baitcasting reel:

beitcasting reel
Before choosing your baitcasting reel, you have to know what you want from your reel. What kind of reel you actually want to get. You will have to define your expectations first. If this is your first time, you should go to the market and try products first to know what type of reel you want to have. But if you have already tried some, it will be easier, and you can decide your favorite one from online. First, you have to check the specification of the reel. A reel may be a really fast one, but you are not into a fast reel. So, sometimes what we say best, may not be of your type. Here, I have selected the best baitcasting reels that are loved by anglers in general. So, there are some varieties in it too.

Gear ratio:

Reading those descriptions, you may notice that I have mentioned the gear ratio of those reels, and all are expressed in x: 1 pattern. The gear ratio actually expresses, in one rotation of the handle, the spool turns over x times. The ratio will be written somewhere when you buy it.

For a baitcasting reel, 5:1 is a normal gear ratio. Anything less than it is considered slow. The slowest one I have listed in this article is the Piscifun Sails, which is 6.2:1. The fastest one is the KastKing Demon Pro, which has a gear ratio of 9.3:1 — finding one baitcasting reel with good quality and greater gear ratio than this is nearly impossible.

For normal use, this much speed may not be necessary. 6:1 to 7:1 is a good gear ratio. But some baits need fast action. So, if you want to do some tricks with your rod and reel, go for a fast action reel.


Spool holds the lines for fishing. Some are braid ready; some are not. So, using a braided line in a not braid ready spool may damage your spool.

Fishing lines come in different weights. To catch heavier and tough fishes, you need heavier lines. And Heavier lines need more space in the spool. The bigger or deeper the spool is, the more lines it will be able to hold. Baitcasting fishing is a specialized method for tackling game fishes. So, a spacy spool is always a good choice for a baitcasting reel.


As baitcasting being a versatile fishing method, the reel also comes in different sizes. The smaller the size is, the easier it will be to hold it for a long time. But smaller reels are not good enough to tackle big fishes. And they usually hold fewer lines.

The bigger the reel size, the better it will be able to tackle big gamefishes. Unfortunately, the weight will increase too, which will eventually make it uncomfortable to use.

For this reason, some good manufacturers use graphite frames and use carbon fiber on the body. This not only makes the reel lightweight but also makes it durable as carbon fiber is stronger than steel or aluminum and corrosion-resistant. But this also increases the cost. Getting a strong but lightweight reel is the best you can expect.

Braking system:

Baitcasting fishing method is said to be tougher to master for some real reasons. You will need to know how to adjust your spool tension and try so that your lure falls slowly. Moreover, how to use the brakes in the right way so that you don’t break your fishing gear and avoid backlashes. For beginners, it will be better to get a reel that has an easily adjustable braking system.


You can’t ignore the handle. After all, the handle is the main component that lets you hold and control the reel. It should not be slippery in water, or the reel will be a fail. The handle should be durable and covered with such materials that provide a good grip even if your hand is wet. In saltwater, you may have to face rough water conditions. Your reel handle should not slip away from your hand at that time.

Saltwater resistant:

A saltwater baitcasting reel must be made with corrosion-resistant materials. Especially, the outer frame must be made with materials that don’t react with saltwater metal ions. The inner parts, like the bearings, should be sealed so that they don’t come in touch with saltwater.

Even though your reel says it is saltwater usable, make sure to rinse your reel with fresh water after every saltwater use. It will prolong its lifespan, durability, and consistency of performance.

Set your budget:

Setting your budget is an important thing, especially if you are a beginner. The more your budget will be, the better features you may get. But at the same time, not all costly products work the way you want to. But the increased budget opens new rooms for new features. For a good baitcasting reel, 45-60$ is a good budget. Our first three-reel comes in that range. Piscifun is the most expensive one here. So, if your budget is not for Piscifun, you can still find the best reels within 50$.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is better for a beginner; baitcaster or spinning reel?

As Baitcasting fishing needs some practice and time to master on, it will be better to take spinning reels as beginners.

2. Why choosing baitcaster over spinning reel?

Baitcasting allows you to do various fishing tricks that you can’t do with spinning reels. Moreover, baitcaster is better for bigger game fishes and usually stronger than spinning reels. Baitcaster provides better accuracy and consistency while fishing.

3. Is using mono or braided filament on baitcaster better?

Both lines can be used on baitcaster if the spool is braid ready. No choice is wrong here. It is just the angler’s personal preference. It is just that, some certain fishing technique requires a certain type of lines. But to me, braided lines go better with baitcaster.

4. For beginners, what type of lines are better?

Beginners normally use smaller baitcasting reels. So, using monofilament is safe for beginners as they can be used in all baitcaster, hold knots better, and costs less than braided lines.

5. How to avoid backlashes?

Well, you need to adjust the brake system spool tension correctly. As a beginner, use the highest setting for braking and cast in short distance. As you get used to it, try to lower the tension and increase the distance. It needs a good amount of practice. Try some test casts. And of course, buy good quality equipment for fishing, especially the best baitcasting reels.

6. What happens if I use my baitcaster with a spinning rod?

Technically it is possible to use a spinning rod for baitcaster reel. But it is never suggested. The usual place of a baitcasting reel and a spinning reel are the opposite. So, your fishing technique gets messed up here. When using a spinning reel, you will find that the lines that come off the reel, comes in bigger loops. But a baitcaster rod has a smaller guide than a spinning rod. So in baitcasting, lines come in smaller loops. If you use a spinning rod with a baitcasting reel, your guide will also get messed up.


Baitcasting fishing is beyond thrilling unless the wrong gear is picked. There are so many baitcasting reels available in the market that things sometimes get confusing – like to decide which function I should go for or which one is not necessary. Sometimes one may choose some reel for any unique feature, but that doesn’t do its real job smoothly.

I have listed the best saltwater baitcasting reels in this article. For a beginner, it will be better to try them out in person from the market to find one’s most comfortable one. But if you are trying to find the best ones, don’t forget to try the listed ones first.

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