Top 5 Best Crankbait Rod 2020: Your Guide To Bigger Catches

Best Crankbait Rod
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Who doesn’t like fishing, no matter if it is fishing as a hobby or fishing professionally for earning your bread, fishing is fun. And for any fishing enthusiast, it is not just an activity but a way of life. So, if you are well known to professional fishing, then you must understand that while having the ideal reel and bait is critical, but it is even much more important having the best Crankbait rod.
A good Crankbait rod will ensure that you have the perfect amount of power while pulling a fish without having to tear the lure out of the bass’s mouth, and this will also enable you to have the right amount of throw while casting.So, I have created a list of the top rated crankbait rods for you to choose the perfect one that matches your style of fishing.
Well, after seeing so many models in the market, you might be confused that you may need different types of crankbait rods for different techniques, but in reality, you don’t need to have many rods, having one Crankbait rod is more than enough.

For improving hooksets:

If you use a crankbait rod, you can expect to have a better hookup ratio, which is a significant benefit while fishing. If you think naturally, it is a common reaction to set the hook when you feel the telltale thump of a bite.
If you have a quick hookset with a fast action rod, it can pull the bait out of the fish’s mouth. Any best Crankbait rod will have a softer section, which creates a delay effect that allows the fish to get the bait in their mouth.

Larger casting distance:

The crankbait rods are designed in such a way that they transfer more energy from the actual rod to the lure. These rods have more flex, which gives more strength into the rod blank, which eventually creates a slingshot effect as the energy is released on the cast follow through.
When you combine the Crankbait rod with the proper reel, your casting will have a long distance.

Less Drawback:

If you are an angler already, you will know about the frustration due to snags. Having a crankbait rod will make sure that you have fewer snags and also less frustration. You will also have a better feel when your bait is working on the bottom.
These rods have a soft tip, which gives delay action enabling the lure to deflect off objects instead of just pulling into them. And more importantly, as you use crankbait rod more, you will be much better at controlling the crankbait rod and get more catches.

Crankbait Rod Comparison

Top 5 Best Crankbait Rods reviewed!

As a professional fisherman, I had the opportunity to use many different types of crankbait rods. I spent many hours researching these five crankbait rods so I can make your choice of choosing the best crankbait rod much easier. Down below, I will be stating the main features along with the pros and cons of all these rods.
dobyns rods fury series casting rod
If you are looking for a less heavy and durable rod, then this crankbait bass fishing rod is the perfect choice for you. This rod will serve you for many years without any scarification of the service. This rod is best for shallow waters at close quarters.

Dimensions and pricing

Dobyns Fury series casting rod has many options to choose the length of the rod. So you can choose the length according to your preferences.
The standard 7-foot model has a shipping weight of around 9.6 ounces, and while talking about pricing, the Dobyns fury series rod is available at a very reasonable price.



The casting will be extremely accurate due to the combination of the short seven-foot length and massive, fast action. This feature is a crucial aspect if you are looking to catch fishes that hide in a specific pool within a river.
However, it might take a user some time to get used to the fast action, but once you are used to this feature, you will catch shallow-water fishes in no time. The Dobyns Fury series casting rod is susceptible to small changes.

Weight Balance:

The weight balance is tremendous in this rod. The cork handle is very comfortable, which is much better than EVA foam. But you might have some problem with the short butt handle of the rod. Even though the threads are short, but you will have no issues with the reels coming detached during a catch.

Line down to size eight:

This rod has the ability to accept line downsize to eight. But if you are expecting to use it in rocky terrain, then this rod is not the best option for you. Hence you can only use one-ounce crankbait lures; this rod is limited to shallow water.
  • Dobyns Fury casting rod is best for use in shallow water.
  • The cork handle feels very comfortable in hand to use.
  • The rod is very lightweight due to the graphite body.
  • This rod is very sensitive to small changes and gives fast action.
  • You cannot expect good results in deep water with this rod.
  • The handle butt is on the shorter side.
  • The threads of the reel seat are not that long.
lew’s stick casting rod
This is a crankbait rod in the budget. If you are not a professional fisherman and only fisherman as a hobby, then this TP-1 speed rod is for you. This rod can perform most of the tasks that a higher-end crankbait rod can do.

Dimensions and pricing

The rods have a dimension of 89 x 3 x 3 inches with a shipping weight of 4 ounces. The price of this rod is much less and relatively inexpensive compared with other available models.


Durable Construction:

The LEW’S Tournament TP-1 is constructed from IM8 graphite one-piece blanks, which makes this rod very durable and can be used under any condition. This rod can be used in salt water, too, due to its rust-resistant finishing. This rod is ideal for long days use on water due to the aluminum oxide inserts.

Length and power:

This rod has a length of 7.3 feet, so it is ideal for casting in a river or closed space where fish gather in a small area. The rod can accept lures in a range of 0.5 to 1.375 ounces, so it can be used in both deep and shallow water. The medium power will allow you to use this crankbait rod in multiple different situations.

Varying Line size:

The LEW’S Tp-1 has a big variable line size ranging from 10-25. So this rod is versatile, and you will be able to vary the line size according to the terrain you will be finishing in.

American tackle Microwave Guide:

This exclusive system eliminates wind and unwanted knots; that’s not it; this system also improves casting distance along with accuracy.

Beautifully designed accessories:

The LEW’S crankbait rod comes with Blue Winn handles along with professional style hook keepers. You will also find a limited one year warranty from LEW’S.
  • This crankbait rod is relatively inexpensive compared with other crankbait rods of the same line.
  • The length of the rod is nearly perfect for all types of catches.
  • The provided hook keepers are professional.
  • This crankbait rod has a variable line lure option.
  • You will find difficulty while using it with the leader.
  • The grip of the rod is not very comfortable to hold in hands.
shimno curado crankbait casting rod
Shimano Curado rod is a moderately budget rod that features many exclusive options. The Curado series from Shimano offers a combination of versatile and technique-specific actions for every bass fishing situation. This rod is extremely light and can provide massive power.

Dimensions and pricing

The size of the rod is approximately 6’6 feet in length, and you can find it for a moderately low price.


Great Cork:

This rod comes with good cork featuring high-grade AAA cork, which is known for its durability and long-lasting usage. This casting rod also has a cork grip, which ensures maximum comfort along with longevity.

Curado K:

You can combine this rod with Curado K, which is a specially designed reel. This reel will maximize the performance and catching ability of your crankbait rod. Don’t worry about the price, because this combo will not cost you more than 350 dollars.

Heavy Construction

The Shimano rods are made with Fuji stainless k guides and Alconite rings. The reels come with a sleek matte finish to the blank, which looks great to the eyes. The stainless steel will make sure that the crankbait rod is rush free and can work for very long in any type of water.
  • The grip is made up of full high-grade, long-lasting AAA cork, which feels really good on hands.
  • It is made with highly durable Fuji stainless k guides.
  • The line has a high power which is suitable for fishing in all areas.
  • The spinning rods are less sensitive compared with the spinning rods of other crankbait rod models.
  • The spinning rod is not suitable for clear water.
st. croix premier crankbait rod
This rod is the best option for the amount you are going to spend on it. The rod is in the range of 6.6-7 feet, medium moderate length. St. Croix is an experienced company when it comes to making crankbait rods. They made sure that this rod always performs up to mark, and the user has no complaints regarding the rod.

Pricing and dimension

The price is not high; you can get it under 200 dollars. The Rod length varies from 6.6-7 feet.


Premium Construction:

This crankbait rod is made up of SCII graphite blanks, and if you have any idea about this component, then you will know how strong and durable this material is. It also comes with tapers that are newly engineered and designed.


Since this St. Croix crankbait rod is lightweight, it is susceptible, and you will feel the ticking of the lure through the grass and brush. While fishing with this crankbait rod, you will think that it is very light on your hands.

More Energy:

This rod is designed to transfer maximum energy to the lure, and it has an excellent hookup ratio. It also comes with a quick hookset that can easily pull the bait out of the mouth of the fish. While using it, you will feel very fewer drawbacks and an outstanding experience while working on the bottom.
  • It weighs much lighter than other crankbait glass rods.
  • The sensitivity of the rod is excellent.
  • The blanks are of very high quality.
  • The maximum length of the rods is 7 feet.
This is nearly a perfect crankbait rod because it comes at a handy price and provides excellent strength, speed, and accuracy with integrated Poly Curve technology. This poly curve makes sure that the hooks are not torn out and can easily move a big bass or even set a hook.

Pricing and dimension

The length of the rod is 7feet, with the line weight in a range of 8-14 lbs with a lure weight of 3/8-3/4 oz. The rod weighs around 4.5 oz — the price of the ST. Croix Avid rod is a bit on the expensive side.


Build Quality:

This rod is made up of aluminum oxides, which is corrosive resistant along with lightweights SCII graphite blanks. These materials make this rod stable and balance; moreover, you can tune the action according to your requirements.

Fine handle:

The handle is beautifully made with cork and has been designed ergonomically. If you are a regular angler, you will feel ease while throwing this crankbait. This handle ensures that you have very less wrist pain and can have more grip to control the rod, you will also find high-quality Fuji reel seat.


The St. Croix Avid offers medium-heavy power that offers pop and ripping a lipless through the grass. The big bass is always kept hooked due to the poly curve technology. Since the blanks are made up of 100% high-modulus SCII graphite, you will always find enough power to fight with fishes.
  • The rod is rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • The handling is secure, so it can be used easily by amateurs.
  • The sensitivity is excellent.
  • The rod is very flexible and robust at the same time.
  • The St. Croix Avid crankbait rod is a bit on the expensive side.

Things to consider before you buy a Crankbait Rod

In order to choose the best crankbait rod, you have to consider a few things before buying the rod. These things play an essential role.

Rod Length and action:

It is an essential factor to consider the length of the rod; this is because the action is dependent on the length. Actions can be measured in terms of slow, moderate, and fast. The fast action rod seems to flex less at the end when you catch a fish while the slow action rods will flex more.
The longer length of rod usually has more torque and is more distant at the throw of the lure and will cast more lines, whereas the shorter rods will give your precious strikes. The length of the crankbait rods on average varies from 6.6 feet to 8 feet.

The capacity of the load:

You must know the maximum load capacity of your crankbait rod because this determines the maximum weight it can withstand. It is vital to ensure that your rod will have a firm grip over the heavyweight fish you need to catch up with.

The capacity of Line retrieval:

The line capacity and recovery rate are also dependent on the length of the rod and the amount of line it casts while being thrown for the crank baiting.
Hence you must match the lure weight and rod length along with correct line casting to get your required speed and retrieval of the line while catching fishes.

Dragging ability:

A key aspect for you is to keep in mind about dragging capacity; you need to look for more dragging capacity while using crankbaits techniques because it is common to expect bigger fishes to come to your lure.
Longer rods take more time to drag, but the shorter ones have higher dragging capacity.

Ease of use:

Since you are going to use this crankbait rod regularly, so it is important to select a rod that is easy to use and will not cause you any pain in arms. To do this, you must keep attention to the design of the handle, weight, and also the structure of the rod.
You have to select the length that you can easily control. Smooth crank baiting will enable you to higher efficiency along with fewer muscle fatigues.


The flexibility of the crankbait rods depends on your preference and choices. If you are looking for a rod with faster action, then go for the rods that flex at the tip. The medium speed ones tend to flex at the middle, and the slower action ones usually give full flex of the rod.

The capacity of the lure weight:

This is the distance that the rod will offer. Rods with heavy lure capacity can travel further compared to the lighter lures.
If you are going to work mostly with shallow water crank baiting, then lightweight lure is the perfect option for you, whereas if you need deep water crank baiting, then go for the heavier lures.


All of us are used to the term torque. Torque is an important factor for any moving on running equipment. It is also very important for crankbait rods. If your rod has more torque, then the crank baiting is easier, but you need to have high line recovery along with gear station.

Strength of line and weight:

The lighter line means line with lighter strength can travel further and reaches deep water easily. On the other hand, heavier crankbait means heavy lines with more strength, which will give you more power to fight the heavy weighing fishes.

Different Types of Crankbait rods:

We can categorize crankbait rods in four different categories based on their offered features and capacities:
  • Medium Crankbait rods.
  • Shallow Crankbait rods.
  • Deep Crankbait rods.
  • All-purpose crankbait rods.
Medium and deep crankbait rods come with heavier lure and lighter lines to give access to further targets. Shallow water crankbait rods and are suitable for a short distance.
All-purpose crankbait rods are handy because they can work in any condition. They offer both deep and shallow water fishing and comes with a varying range of lure sizes and weight.

Ease of Retrieval and wrist pressure:

You definitely should not go for a rod just because you like outlook or only because your friend uses it. Make sure that the crankbait rod fits your fishing needs, and also you can easily handle the rod while using it.
So always go for rods that have a design that is easy to balance and starts crank baiting with perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need a special rod for a Crankbait?

Crankbait rods are needed for more perfect catches because they allow the fish to move around even when it hooked on the lure with constant pressure, and it ensures that the fish stays hooked.
Crankbait rods also enables you to detect when a fish has swallowed a bait. Hence, crankbait rods will make it a much easier task to set the hook.

2. What is a Crankbait rod?

This is a bit different from your typical rods. This is a particular type of rods that flexes more than regular rods, and it goes perfectly with your crankbait reel to deliver the best possible results.
Crankbait rods combine with your reel to give more power, action, and flexibility to make sure that you get your desired catches without much hard work.

3. How to choose the crankbait rod?

The answer ultimately depends on yourself. It depends on your usage like where you are going to use it and what type of fishes you are after. The choice will vary if you are using the rod to catch small fish at the shallow water or for catching larger ones at the deep sea.
So before deciding on the best crankbait rod, make sure to understand completely about the lure weight, rod length, and everything else that I have discussed above in this write-up.

4. Why should I buy a crankbait rod?

if you are a regular angler, then a crankbait rod is must-have. These rods have become very popular recently. There are three specific advantages of buying a crankbait rod, which stands out from the rest. You will have a better casting performance since these rods are designed to transfer more energy to the rod blank.
Crankbait rods also provide more accurate privacy than other types of rods. You can also expect to have more natural control along with delay action, which will allow better accuracy during larger catches.


We finally can conclude that if you wish to choose the best crankbait rod, then you have to look for essential features like length, power, and mode of the rods to ensure that you can reach your required fishing goals. Above I have discussed five of the top rated crankbait rods along with all the critical factors that you need to understand in detail so you can find your required crankbait rod easily.
It is necessary for you to choose the lure weight and length according to the required area of fishing, like shallow water or deep water. It won’t be wise just to go for a crankbait rod with just outlooks and also price, make sure to understand the features fully before buying any of these mentioned five of the best crankbait rods.
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