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Best Bilge Pump

Having a boat is like having a ticket for fun, joy, and excitement. Boating is one of the popular recreational activities. A boat can be a source of entertainment or can be a way of income for you too. It is very usual to have an urge to own a boat. Owning a boat is easy, but taking proper care of your boat is not! A bilge pump is a must-have item for your boat. 

There are plenty of options available in the market. But which one to choose? If you get stuck in the tunnel of confusion, this is the perfect article for you. We have listed the top five bilge pumps so that you can buy the best bilge pump for your boat.

Why should one buy a bilge pump?

Bilge is the bottom portion of a boat on the inside, which can get filled with liquid sludge. By liquid this term, we mean a mixture of water, engine oil leaks, food particles, and other materials. 

This unwanted amount of sage water can cause you to sink your boat. Your boat would require a device that will pump out the water from the bilge. Doing it on your own can cause you trouble. Luckily there is a bilge pump to do this job for you!

It is an electric-powered or manually powered mechanical device that can help your bilge to get rid of the unwanted sludge water. Electric bilge pumps are designed in a way to avoid creating sparks since the fuel can be present in the bottom section of your boat. An emergency bilge pump can be a lifesaver for you in life-threatening situations like hull damage.

Help might take a lot of time to arrive. It will buy you more time before the boat sinks. If you are setting for a long journey, you should be wise enough to use a powerful bilge pump with your regular one for additional safety. The bigger the pump would be, the higher the chances of survival you will have if severe hull damage occurs.

Our top five picks - best bilge pump in the market

top five picks

It is not easy to find out the best bilge pump out of tons of options and brands out there. The job can be even harder if you are entirely new in this field. With very little knowledge about boats and bilge pumps, you would not be able to trace out the best choice for your purpose. We have figured out five best bilge pumps that you can purchase to make your boat journey more secured. Here are our top five picks –

Let us zoom into the pictures of each of the products to get enlightened with the details.

Amarine Bilge Pump

If you are searching for a small but highly effective bilge pump for your boat, you can go with Amarine-made boat marine plumping bilge pump. It has a small size but does not underestimate its power due to its size.  It can stand in the worst condition and can be extremely useful. You can address it as the best bilge pump for your boat.

eco-worthy boat bilage water pump

Eco worthy water pump comes with verities of models with different shapes and sizes. Each of the models will perform differently. You can pick one form them according to your preferences. This one can be an optimal option for your boat to pump out the water out of the bilge.

seaflo electric marine bilge pumps

Are you looking for a classic small strainer bilge pump? You can prefer buying the Seaflo electric bilge pump. This little machine will give you excellent performance compared to its size, and it is effortless to install. The package will include the motor, warranty instructions, and installation instructions. There are many choices for you, so if you are looking for a cheaper one to accomplish light tasks, you can buy the model with the lowest capacity to pump out water.


Are you digging into the internet for a bilge pump with pretty good capacity to move water out of your bilge?  Go with our number four on this list.  You can buy it at a reasonable price. Maxzone submersible electric bilge pump can be a suitable option for your boats.

It is a little pump which can prove to be very useful for your boat and can be the best bilge pump in your list of choices.

seaflo submersible automatic bilge pump

Not all the bilge pumps in the market focus on creating a bridge between practicality and functionality. Seaflo submersible automatic bilge pump is one out of many. If you are thinking of buying a capable bilge pump that can pump out water quickly, you can pick this one out of all the available options in the market of bilge pumps.

Note – There are many other options available for you in the store, which might prove to be excellent bilge pumps for your boat. Products mentioned above are some of the best-reviewed bilge pumps on Amazon. These are effective and easy to work with. As a user, only you have the power to tell which one is the best bilge pump for your boat.

Things to consider about bilge pumps before jumping into the market

user guide

There are many factors that one needs to bring into consideration before rushing to the market. Buying the best-reviewed product might not solve your problem. One thing that has proven to be good for one might not work for you based on the type of task you are looking to get done. 

If you are aiming for a particular product, you should be able to figure out whether it will be suitable for your purpose or not. You surely would not want to invest your money in the wrong one. 

One should know all the layers of a product before purchasing one. These are some of the aspects that might help you to choose the best bilge pump for your boat. Let us have a look –

Consider your budget:

When it comes to buying something, the first thing that comes to our mind is the budget. No matter what the need is, you surely would not prefer crossing your budget line. 

There are plenty of options for bilge pumps with plenty of price tags. There are expensive ones. Again some products are super cheap. Super expensive ones are usually those pumps that have higher capacity.

It might not be suitable for your goal. Still, buying the most expensive one does not mean you are purchasing the best one out there. But, do not compromise with quality by buying the cheapest one. 

Try to find a balance between your budget and your expectation. If you are ordering online from another country, do not forget to have a look at the shipping cost.

Give a brand check:

A company cannot cement a brand tag over the night. It requires years of hard work to build a solid reputation in front of customers. One single lousy product can snatch it away within a split of a second. 

It would be wise to buy a bilge pump from renowned companies. Especially if you are buying it for the first time. It will decrease the chance of getting a defected and wasted product. 

Again, brands are more concerned about the quality of their products than you. So invest your money on a reliable brand to avoid unwanted loss.

Flow rate to pump out the water:

It is one of the essential aspects of a bilge pump. There are different pumps with different flow rates. 

Make sure to know it before you buy a pump. If your boat does not need a bilge pump with a higher flow rate, avoid it and go with a bilge pump having a decent flow rate. You will finely bilge pumps with a flow rate of 300 GPH, 500 GPH, 700 GPH, 1000 GPH, 2000GPH, 4000GPH, 6000 GPH, and many more.

GPH means gallons per hour. Know which one is suitable for your boat and go with that one.

The required amount of power:

You will need to supply a minimum amount of energy to operate a bilge pump. Know the amount of current and level of voltage a pump will require to operate. Some bilge pumps require a minimal amount of power to work. 

Again some bilge pumps demand more, which can cost you even more. No one would like to spend a few extra dollars on it. So if you have the option of buying a bilge pump that requires a little amount of power to work, go for buying that one. It might save a few of your bucks to get wasted from your pocket.

Automatic operation:

There are two types of the bilge pump. One kind needs to be operated manually. Another one will get activated on its own. Automatic bilge pumps have built-in features to do so. 

Sensors are used in bilge pumps to sense the level of water. These types of bilge pumps can save a lot of time and effort. Again, it will save your electricity, too, as it will only get activated on sensing water. 

On the contrary, if you are the type of person who does not prefer to get dependent on the machine and wants to operate a bilge pump yourself, you can buy the non-automatic bilge pumps. It entirely depends on you and your point of view.


Look for the warranty before buying a product. The warranty ensures the life span of a product. If anything happens before that time, you might get a full return or a replacement. It also indicates the better quality of a product. 

Try to look out for the companies that are offering warranty along with their products. It is like life insurance of your bilge pump. Know the limits and timing and then pick your pump.


At times companies do offer packages or great deals. Such as two in one package or others. Some product comes with a float switch, and some do not. In that case, you have to spend extra to get the best bilge pump float switch.  Keep an eye on the advertisements. Try to find the best deal for yourself.

Study your boat and purpose:

There is no need to tell the importance of a boat itself when it comes to buying a bilge pump. You need to understand the need for your boat and also judge the size of your boat too.

According to the general rule of thumb, search for a total bilge pump capacity of 1000 gallons per hour for boats less than 20 inch; 2500 GPH for 20-25 inch; 4000 GPH for 25-32 inch; 6000 GPH for 32-36 inch; and 8500 GPH for 37-45 inch. Again bilge pumps can be used for other purposes as well. 

Do not just go to the shop and buy a pump randomly. Know your boat’s capacity and your purpose first.


Bilge pumps can work as a protection shield for your boat in hazardous situations. If you are planning to set for a long journey, you might need to carry other things with you as well. 

So the space in your boat should matter to you. The size of a bilge pump matters, when it comes to buying a bilge pump for your boat. A bilge pump with a significant proportion can block a certain amount of space in your boat. So do consider the size of the bilge pump before purchasing one. Make sure that it is suitable for your boat and will fit in easily.

Look for safety features:

With the development of technology, bilge pumps have got some of the additional features. Such as operating on sensing water or automatic cutting off the power when runs dry. 

Look for bilge pumps that can offer you protection from the high intensity of current and can work well under the water.

Maintenance of a bilge pump:

The bilge pump is an essential element of your engine room and can be the last line of defense for you in danger. If you want your bilge pump to serve your boat for a longer time, you should take proper care of it to get the best performance from it. It is effortless and might cost you a maximum of five minutes. 

Make sure that the area around is clear and free of derbies and grease. Keep the area clean. Give a regular check to see whether it is working or not. Make sure to check the electric connection to avoid unwanted accidents. Maintenance is necessary because it will assist you to increase the lifetime of the bilge pump.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What automatic bilge pumps do?

Automatic bilge pumps detect the presence of water in the bilge and get turns on automatically. It can save your electricity.

2. Is it safe to use electric bilge pumps?

Electric bilge pumps are structured in a way to avoid causing sparks. It is quite safe.

3. How can a bilge pump save your life?

Bilge pump can help you to get the water out of your bilge in life-threatening situations and can restrain your boat from getting sunk in the sea.

4. Should one keep extra bilge pumps in this boat?

If one is aiming for a long journey in the sea or deep ocean, it is wise to keep one more in your boat. If one fails, you can use another.

5. Where is the bilge pump located on a boat?

The pump is usually placed at the lowest place in the hull in a single bilge pump boat.


You will get flooded with the choices of bilge pumps in the market. But once you earn the fundamental knowledge about bilge pumps, it would not be as hard as you are assuming. Moreover, wisdom comes with experiences. You would not be able to figure out what is best for you until you get on the field and start to try out different options. The bilge pump is a must-have item for any boat lover. It can be a life jacket for you in the moment of danger. Buy the best bilge pump for you to ace your boating game.

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